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The Power of inspirational words



Inspiration is a fundamental aspect of success. One of the things successful people talk about is how they got inspired to do a certain thing that led to their success. 

It follows then that inspirational words are one of the most crucial elements for human beings. When we hear words of inspiration we are motivated to carry on, to try it, to hand in there and to believe we can do it.  Such can come from friends, colleagues and relatives and interestingly they can come from within yourself.

This means that you do not always need a person to say inspirational words for you to feel inspired. You can draw inspiration from within you and apply it in what ever situation you are facing. In fact sometimes you can even use funny encouragement words to inspire yourself.

If you really need to hear someone speak to you then you can trust the web to bring you closer to the right people. You can visit some forums and chartrooms for people who are where you are right now and by posting a few messages, you can get wonderful inspirational words of encouragement.

We have a community of people who have been through what you are feeling right now. People who have felt the pain, the discouragement and even came close to giving up but then they joined our online community and got healed. What ever it is you may be feeling, We encourage you to find sign up (on the upper right) to meet up with an amazing group of people.

 You can also visit site like wrensworld.com where you will find a poem of encouragement called Perseverance. This is an inspirational poem encouraging people not to give up. hopecrc.ca offers Christian inspirational poems as well. They have some of the best collection of uplifting, beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking religious encouragement poems .

You can also visit www.inspirationline.com - there you will find Encouragement eCards and inspirational poems . If you visit these sites, you can also find free inspirational and motivational online newsletter with greeting cards, quote and not just encouragement poems only . Below are some books we highly recommend if you are looking for inspirational literature.

Understanding Motivation and Emotion

In times of depression and hopelessness, self motivation or self encouragement is one of the most powerful ways to pull your self out of the situation. Buy this book by Johnmarshall Reeve and you will position yourself to gain the best understanding of motivation and how it transforms lives.

It teaches on the basic principles of motivation in such settings as schools, the workplace, the athletic field, counseling, and one's own personal strivings. This is a definite must have for any one looking for inspirational words of encouragement . Click here to review the book further.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings

Children need to be inspired too and the best way to do it is by buying them an inspirational poetry book for kids. This is a very cheap children's poetry book ($13) when compared to the wealth of information it has. In fact more than 4.5 million copies of this book have been sold and still counting. It is the best selling children's poetry book ever.

Silverstein reveals his genius for inspiring kids with silly words and simple pen-and-ink drawings. Jim Trelease, author of The New Read-Aloud Handbook, calls this book "without question, the best-loved collection of poetry for children." (Ages 4 to 10).  Click here for more on this book


  • The bible also has a lot of inspirational words; powerful inspirational words can be found in the bible. The bible tells us that we can make or break a person with words.
  • Words can wound and inflict pain. Motivational words can help try out things you never thought you could do.
  • Motivational words don’t have to come from well known people. Even the people around you can give you words to help you conquer your fears.



Additional Information

Words of encouragement should be said with feeling; they should come from the heart. This will ensure that the message you are sending has the impact you are looking for.

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