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There is a lot that the bible says about encouragement. This means that you can take the Holy Bible and as you read through it you will come across a lot of encouragement verses. You can almost find an encouragement scripture anywhere in the Holy book from Genesis to Revelations.

After all Christianity is based on encouragement to persist living a life worthy of God's praise.

It is therefore inevitable to find a relevant verse as you scroll through the Bible. Christians are called upon to be Beacons of Encouragement to the World - Matthew 7:12 NIV.

Deuteronomy 31:6 is an encouragement verse that talks about being strong and courageous. It pleads with us not to be terrified of our enemies because the Lord God is always on our side. Philippians 4:6 talks about being not anxious about anything. This scripture encourages people to pray and to pray with contentment and thanksgiving to God. Galatians 6:9 is an encouragement verse for success where it states that people should not stop doing good for at the proper time they will reap a harvest if they do not give up.

John 14 is an encouragement verse that pleads with people not to be troubled - basically to try and do away with stress because there is a better place prepared for all those who believe in Jesus. This encouragement scripture further states that Jesus will return soon to fetch His people to eternal glory.

Christians find encouragement in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and will return for his "flock" at the fulfilment of time. Peter, one of the Apostles writes, " Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead"

The Psalms are a classical example of self encouragement. The writer sometimes fell in to some moments of depression and he would write encouragement words to uplift his spirit. Today these have become encouragement verses or scriptures for our own indulgence. See an example in Psalm 42:5-6a.

There are a lot of places where you can find a collection of inspirational bible verses and quotes free of charge. Some sites even offer scripture on the note cards and bookmarks.

We also have a booming community of people who first came to this site exactly like you and with the help of others had their lives changed through encouragement from others. Whether you need help or are just researching our community offers the best help. Sign up (on top right) and start participating. The more you comment and share the more you get known and you will stand a better chance of getting reponses from a larger pool of really good people.

 The different encouragement verses that you can find online include bible encouragement verses for Graduates, which is collection of bible verses for graduates meant to instill hope and faith in the hearts of young graduates. Some of the scripture offer encouragement in times of confusion, defeat, disappointment, doubt, failure, fear, grief, hunger, impatience, loneliness, mourning, poverty, rejection, sorrow, temptation, weakness, weariness and worry.

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It contains words of encouragement and the Word of God. From the busy mom to the frustrated employee, this devotional bible is perfect for anyone that needs truth and encouragement verses and words to hold on to.


  • You can find the best words of encouragement for Christians from the Bible.
  • Christians and Christian’s graduates need to be reminded that God is there to watch over us and to lift us up.
  •  There is nothing more powerful than faith. With Faith you can move the Mountains. Christians need to have Faith in order to conquer all obstacles coming their way.
  • There is no need to worry about your future if you put your thrust to God your Lord.
  • Weakness can be restored by God’s power and Strength.


Additional Information

You can go to christianbook.com and get mug promise gift quotes with the Bible scriptures. You can give this to your fellow Christian friend to remind him/her that God is watching over and nothing is impossible in the Kingdom of God.If however you feel that you cannot follow on the Bible scripture, you can take Gods resume and follow it as you know that God is there on your behalf.

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