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Writing Words of Encouragement  


   Are you confused because you have no idea on how to go about writing words of encouragement for someone close to you? If that is the case, then you are on the right page because here you will be shown how to go about showing sympathy and care for someone through a letter.

Also, from the below guide, you should expect to get quotes you could use in comforting the person.

 Don’t worry, as these quotes will suite people who are in grief or happy.

Showing Sympathy through a Letter

Sending an encouraging letter to someone might seem like a good idea, but there are cautions you have to take if you have this idea as a way of encouraging someone. One thing is for sure though, so long as your letter has strong words which come together to give a good message, then your letter is a good one. Things which contribute to a good message in an encouraging letter are things like care, kindness, and sympathy amongst others.  

Through writing words of encouragement to someone, you would be trying to change the thinking of that person. Your words have to be positive and should show that you believe in the person, so basically with a letter you are just trying to get good results from someone. 

Showing Kindness and Sympathy through a Letter

To show your care to someone, you can include in your letter things like 

  • Please contact me anytime you need help 
  • Whenever you feel lonely, you can call me
  • You can come over to my place whenever you feel like

Make sure whatever promises you make to the person are things you can truly keep up with, do not make empty promises. Tell the person that all humans go through hardships at times, and assure her that all situations pass, which is why hers will also come to pass it’s just a matter of time. Tell her that although patience wouldn’t be a best friend but she would have to try to be patient so that the situation lets loose fast and smoothly. 

Quotes To Add In an Encouraging Letter

  •  You shouldn’t wait for the storm to pass, instead, wait for the rain to come and dance with it. 
  • You should play life because it’s a game, when it’s singing, sing along with it.
  • Although life could prove to be a challenge, if it is for you at this point, meet up with it with courage.
  • Offer life as a sacrifice and enjoy it as its love.
  •  There is no actual meaning to life, we are the ones who give meaning to it. The description we give to life is what we decide upon. 
  •  Although life isn’t a celebration, we can make it one by dancing to its music.

More of these interesting quotes can be retrieved from DailyInspirationquotes.com.  

Things You Could Send To Encourage Someone

Luckily enough, we live in days where we manage to get almost anything we need in life. Well although writing words of encouragement could mend a broken heart, there are other things which could go with an encouraging letter. You can send your letter together with flowers or a sympathy card. Depending on your budget and distance, you can give the person more than what could be anticipated or expected.  


  • Life is a lesson, we learn every day.
  • Wherever life directs you, follow, if it wants you to sing, you should sing and dance.
  • It’s possible and very easy to show caring signs in writing.


Additional Information

To show your care to a friend you are trying to encourage, you could find out what she is interested in, in terms of sports or hobbies. You could just book tickets to watch that sport or just send a movie relevant to that interest.

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