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Words Of Encouragement For A New Year  



As New Year begins, most of us start making resolutions and goals that we need to achieve by the end of the year. And to stick on to our resolutions we need words of encouragement for a New Year. Let’s find more of those quotes in the next paragraphs.

Live As If Everyday is the Last Day of Your Life. 

In order to make the most of your time, live as if everyday was the last day of your life. This means you must avoid postponing and excel in whatever you do. Excel in the way you follow your schedules and deadlines. 

Avoid postponing 

Philosophers have studied and come with the saying which says procrastination is the thief of time. This means that if you keep on postponing what you are supposed to do, you will only find you have run out of time and the year is gone. Below are tips and more words of encouragement for a New Year that can prove to be very useful.

How to Deal With Procrastination 

Each time you feel like postponing here is a tip. Ask yourself why can’t you do it now? Will there be any time in the future. Does postponing means you will do the task more efficiently. These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself each time you feel like postponing. Remember there is also another saying which says today is worth two days in the future. 

Wake Up, Gather Your Broken Dream and Pursue It 

Perhaps you have a dream and its taking long to be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter how old it is and how many years it has been with you, you can still achieve it even this year. It is never too late to reach out for your goals except that time waits for no man.  

I hope that you have found these words of encouragement for a New Year very helpful and you will keep on reading more motivational quotes from this site.


  • In order to achieve the goals you have set for the year, live as if everyday was the last day of your life. Be committed in whatever you do
  • The more you postpone, the longer it will take to achieve your dreams
  • You have to reasons thoroughly why a certain stage in reaching your goal should be postponed. Is it really worth the delay you are making?



Additional Information

I hope you know how frustrating it is to set goals and end up fulfilling them. At times it feels like you have lost a lot of money yet you have only missed a year. In real sense you have no only lost the three hundred and sixty five days. You have lost that time together with the opportunities which came with it and making up for them may not be so easy. So it’s best to make use of every opportunity that comes your way.

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