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Words of Encouragement for a Friend


 Having a friend confide in you about their deep dark secret and not know what to say can be very shameful.

  Our friends go through a lot of trying times in their lives and it is a true friend that finds the right words to say. The following paragraphs will highlight the words of encouragement for a friend.

If it is encouraging words that you are looking for then you are in the right place.

During sickness

Meaningful words of encouragement are the ones that come from the heart. An encouraging word does not have to be a big word to describe how you feel. Facial expressions and body language best describe what you are feeling. Saying “I’ll be here for you” with a straight face does not convince the person that you truly mean what you are saying.

Voicing out your deepest fears, like losing a leg and being blind, and asking your friend if they would rather be like that or go through a sickness that is treatable, is one way of helping them cope with the illness.
A few special words do help a person cope with whatever illness they have.

After a break up

The end of a relationship always leaves a sour taste on everyone’s mouth. Words of encouragement for a friend that has experienced a break up can help them cope. “There is no benefit in weeping over split milk” this is one phrase that you can say to a friend who is going through a break up. These words may seem harsh, but what is the point of being miserable over a broken relationship when you can move on with your life.

You can also tell your friend to try and find out the good that come out of the relationship and see if it outweighs the bad. Chances are there were a few good things in that occurred while in the relationship.
Words of encouragement do help a person cope during a break up.


  • Every person goes through a lot of hardships in our lives including our friends. The right word or phrase can be said to a friend to help them cope with whatever they are experiencing.
  • During sickness, our friends need us the most. Telling them you will be there for them is one of the words of encouragement that can be said to a friend.
  • Encouragement words should be said with feeling. Saying words of encouragement with a straight face does not convince the person about what you are saying.
  • After a break up our friends feel bitter and sad. It is the right words that can help remove the misery they are going through.



Additional Information

It takes a special friend to find the right word or phrase to say to a friend that is going through a tough time.

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