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Words of Encouragement and Strength


 things to happen to us especially if they are not interesting or good things. But when something does eventually happen,

There are times in life where we find ourselves in need for words of encouragement and strength. Life has its many surprises and roller coasters. It’s true that we never expect such

you can never do anything about it which is why pages like this one are there to help boost your self esteem and get you over or through a situation at that time.

Finding courage

Regardless of what you are going through right now, I want you to know that you would get all the comforting you need from the words of this page. So without further wasting much time, read on and get all the encouraging you need.

Courage is a necessity to us, but through the things we face in this life, you can never carry courage with you at all times. There are things we just can’t control as human beings, take for instance death, we will never get used to death or illnesses. Life is a cycle, we get to go through tough times for a certain period of time then the walls turn again and we get back to a better chapter of life.

Nothing stays the same in this life, regardless of the period we get to suffer. So basically all you have to do is hang in there and wait for a smile to eventually pass through your face.

From an online place called Inspirational words of wisdom, you can come across interesting words of encouragement and strength posted by people who are interested in sharing their care with people who go through hardships.

From the comments of these people, one gentleman posted saying that you should prove people wrong by doing what they think you are incapable of doing. By doing this, you would not only be proving people wrong, but you would also be proving yourself right.

Christian Words of comfort

  • The Lord our God has plans for us, so whatever happens in our lives happens for a reason.
  • Staying in God’s grace will help you get over any obstacles easily. Through him there is life and all the comfort you could ever be in need of.

Life has many death traps, which is why we need the Lord to be our shield. He will protect us through thick and thin, he will be your protector at all times.

The above Christian words aren’t the only comforting words you could find. If you go to Compassionheart.com , you would manage to come across these many encouraging words. One interesting thing about these words is that they are quoted from the bible.

Embrace life in every way

Now I’m sure you see there isn’t much to go through if you have words of encouragement and strength like the ones given from this page. Hardship are part of life, but if there are words of comfort like those of this page, then there isn’t much to worry about. If you would like to be of comfort to someone who is also going through a tough time, you can get an encouraging card from places like Leanintree.com.


  • Not that it’s a good thing for many people to be stressed at the same time, it’s just that you have to know that we don’t have to go through pain on our own.
  • It’s part of nature to go though hardships, it’s basically part of the journey called life.
  • The bible on its own is an encouragement source, through reading it you could find love and comfort.



Additional Information

I know it isn’t easy to be patient especially if you feel like the walls are shutting down on you. I hope you know that you are not the only one going through a tough time right now.

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