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Whispered Words of Encouragement



     There are times when we need a still voice during difficult times. A voice of hope whispered by God or someone close assuring us that tomorrow things will be okay. Whispered words of encouragement can calm the storm we face in our whirlwind lives.

Let your life be smoothening by words filled with hope, inspiration and motive.  If you were looking for whispered words of encouragement, then you will be able to find enough words that will motivate you and keep you going another mile in your life. By the end of this article, you will know the things that are needed in your life in order to succeed.  

During time of Confusion 

During the hardest time of your life, you need people who are concerned about you. People who will show you love and provide words of encouragement whenever possible. If you have been battling a long sickness and you feel like there is no hope, find courage in the word of the Lord. Through His words from the Bible, you will hear whispers that will strengthen and give you hope from your sickness.  

To receive whispered words of encouragement, you need to put your faith in God. Even the Bible tells us that the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord our God; He gives strength in times of trouble. You should also put your hopes in prayer, because it changes things that seem impossible to be possible through His will. 

Gaining Wisdom 

You don’t have to feel like your life has reached the end. When you feel helpless and powerless, you need to gain words of wisdom. These will help you gain your self-esteem and see that there is a cure for your sickness. Most whispered words of encouragement erase the thought of negative thinking.  

You can also create your own whispered words by feeling your head with positive self talk. Keep telling yourself that nothing impossible. Also keep way from people who always talk of negative things. You can even get yourself whispered sayings, quotes to read. Trying something else, that will take your mind of your situation. Enjoy the fact that you have family and friends that love you and care.  

Try to Enjoy Yourself 

Even in your sickness, you need to pamper yourself a bit. You can take time to sit around your house and watch a movie or meditate and enjoy a nice bubble bath distance your mind from stressing. Remember that some illness can be sorted out, just that we are sometimes scared to acknowledge the situation we are facing at that time.  

Sitting around not doing anything about your illness won’t help you. You need to take measures and possible methods to cure your body from the stress. Some whispered words of encouragement will come from your heart. Telling you to stop feeling sick and start reviewing your life. Feeling sorry for you will not resolve things but make them worse. So if you can start seeing life in another angle, you will find that hope is still there. 


  • Whispered words of encouragement bring hope in time of troubles and difficult times. 
  • In time of confusion. Let God be your guide and listen to that still voice. 
  • By listening to the whispered words, you can gain wisdom and courage. 
  • Look beyond your troubles and sickness; try to enjoy yourself to distance your thoughts from your situations. 



Additional Information

Whispered words of encouragement create a huge bond between mother and unborn baby. Most mothers will whispers words of joy to the child even after birth. This paint a nice picture on the child, and you see the smile that everything is going fine. Whispered words are our little secret to overcome obstacles. And receive them from day to day keeps us uplifted and self motivated. 

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