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Strong Words of Encouragement  



     Perhaps you are feeling that the situation that you are going through is too hard to bear anymore and feel like throwing off the towel. Before you give up just take a few seconds and go through these strong words of encouragement.

There are times when someone holds on despite the challenges until there comes a point when he thinks he can’t bear the situation anymore. This is when powerful words of encouragements becomes really important and strengthen the person experiencing the difficulties.

Try And Fail But Never Fail To Try

One of the key elements of success in life is that you must keep on trying. If you can get yourself and study the big stories behind other people’s success, you will find out that they have tried a number of times before they succeeded. Some of them even said they worked round the clock and kept on failing. This is because they had strong words of encouragement that kept them going no matter what the situation was

At dawn

Often when things are about to fall into place, there are usually some difficulties. They say that before dawn, it becomes too dark. Perhaps the difficulties that you are experiencing are signs that the joy is close because joy comes in the morning. Take for example a pregnant woman. She undergoes extreme pain at labour pains before the child is delivered.

Every Situation Will Come To Pass

Perhaps you have lost a loved one. It really feels like the world has come to an end. But there is more to life. You just need to stop wondering about why it has happened to you and move on. Dwelling on the grief won’t help you instead it will cause you unwanted depression. There are a lot of people whom I know who have lost all their loved all at the same time in an accident. But they go the right motivational words which helped cope with the situation. Today they are well-off and you can’t tell that they have suffered such a huge loss.

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  • Strong words of encouragement are essential because they strengthen people and bring hopes where there is non
  • Often when things seem to complicated, it only means they will soon fall into place
  • Every situation no matter how bitter and long it has been with you, it will come to pass
  • Avoid harbouring grief into your heart as this will cause you to stay in miserable at all time and prolongs the period of depression



Additional Information

Pastors and counselors are some of the people you can seek advice from. The best way you can do to any problem facing you is to tell someone.


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