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Some Words of Encouragement



Words of encouragement play a huge role in helping people cope with daily challenges and achieve their dreams. If the right kind of encouragement words are said at the right times to the right people they can uplift a desolate soul.

Let’s just take a look atsome words of encouragementthat can be used for people in different situations

For depressed

Depressed people need special words of encouragements to help them ease the depression.

To all depressed people I am saying there is a solution to the kind of problem that is facing you. Someone you know could have been through this kind of problem. I suggest sharing the problem with someone you trust could help you ease the depression and find a good solution to the problem. It could be a feeling of sadness because you have lost someone you love, the wound would heal and life will be back to normal.

For Prisoners

Prisoners are also some kind of people who really need some words of encouragement that will make them less guilty and motivated to live with the society and pursue their dreams like everyone else. As a prisoner, you need to understand that they we learn from our mistakes and everyone do make mistakes. Just don’t let mistakes happen twice.  

For Goal Achieving

Goal achievers also need special words of encouragement that will keep them going no matter how hard the going becomes tough. People need to know the benefits of fulfilling dreams. The best words of encouragement I would give to them is that they should never give up no matter what. Most renowned goal achievers can tell how many times they failed before achieving their dreams.

For Christian

Christians are amongst other people who need some words of encouragement that will sustain them all times. Christians should be patient and trust in the lord with their mind and soul. These are some words of encouragement that Christians should pay attention to.


  • Various quotes and motivational words are suitable for certain people in certain conditions 
  • For example depressed people need to know that there is always a way out of the problems they have found themselves in 
  • Generally speaking out the problem is usually the best option depressed people can use 
  • Prisoners also need to understand that everyone makes mistakes and as long as they are willing o repent from their ways, they will be accepted in the society 
  • Achieving a goal has never been an easy thing. People seeking to achieve their goals need to know they need to be patient and not to give up no matter what. 
  • Christians can also be encouraged to trust to the Lord no matter what the kind of temptations they go through. 


Additional Information

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what the kind of situation is facing you need words of encouragement. Either life is going the way you want it to be, you still need words of encouragement. If life doesn’t go as you have planned, you even need more encouragements words to cope with the situation.

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