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Short Words of Encouragement  


    Our lives here on earth and the ability to cope with daily challenges is owed very much to encouragement words. If it hadn’t been for them, I can’t imagine how life would be? Let’s take a look at these short words of encouragement,

hoping they will be very useful.  Words of encouragement can be used in any kind of situation. That is why we have different motivational quotes each useful for a certain situation. For example inspiration quotes and idioms can be used to cheer up someone already doing great. There are also quotes that are meant for people who are grieved.

Practice Makes Perfect

We often say practice makes perfect if someone is trying to get something right or trying to achieve a certain skill. Often we say this quote intend to encourage someone to put more effort and accomplish whatever he want to.

Fantastic!! Great!! Excellent!!

These are also short words of encouragement that are used to praise someone who has done or achieved something great. We usually say them to motivate someone to keep up the good work he has done.

Wow!! I Am Proud Of You

We usually hear these words from parents saying to their daughters and sons after a great well done job. They are trying to encourage them to keep up the good job done. We have so often heard people getting addicted to the quote, wow. This quote simply expresses surprise especially if something is funny. Check out more similar quotes at wow4u

Never Give Up

We usually hear this quote from people comforting someone who has failed to achieve something he wanted to. This quote is meant to encourage someone to try again. Most successful people owe their success a lot to this inspirational quote.

I believe that you have found these short words of encouragement very helpful and you are glad that you have read them. For more similar quotes, check up inspirational spark


  • Different inspirational quotes are meant help different people in different situation. 
  • For example depressed people have special quotes they need to be motivated with while people who have achieved something also need special words of encouragement 
  • The quote, ‘practice makes perfect’ is meant for people who want to accomplish a certain skill in life 
  •   If someone has done something that really deserves praise, he can be encouraged short quotes such as, fantastic, well done! 
  • People who have failed to achieve gals or certain skills in life can be encouraged by encouraging them not to give up 



Additional Information

Short words of encouragement needn’t necessarily be idioms and quotes from great philosophers. It can be anything that will inspire and cheer up someone, just like saying ‘bravo’ is a short word of encouragement. In most cases, short words of encouragement can are used to cheer up someone than comforting and trying to help someone in a difficult situation.

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