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Quick Words of Encouragement



     We might not have the time to go over those long words or passages to inspire us. Quick words of encouragement might be the right way to go in that case to save us the trouble. The question to ask then might be how to come up with such words,

which are straight to the point? Words which are short but yet come with the entire message with them.  

Inspirational Cards

A number of sites have inspirational quote cards which you can use for yourself or a loved one for motivation. Most of these cards come with information on who the author of the words is and little details on them. A site that comes to mind is quotearts.com. The inspirational quotes you will find from this site will surely make a difference in your life. You can share these quotes with people you love too. You can visit this site and choose the one that suites you.

The inspirational cards that you will find from 123greetings.com are in different categories. There are those dedicated to encouragement, sympathy and condolences, support, quotes and poetry, recovery, thank you messages and many more. So whether you are looking for words that will inspire you or words to inspire someone, you will be taken care of here.

Encouragement Quotes

For some encouragement quotes that are from some famous people, you can go to afterquotes.com which has motivational quotes to have you second guessing your future which may appear bleak. They are so abundant that you will definitely find more than a handful that will be relevant to your situation.

From this site you will also run into links that will take you to other related sites on motivational speakers and motivational quotes.

Other Sources

There is a whole collection of quick words of encouragement also from inspirationalspark.com from well known authors too. Of course there are also those quotes whose authors are unknown. An example is the quote: a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.

There are also quotes from the Jewish Holy Book known as the Talmud which say, ‘every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘grow, grow’’. I’m confident that from the collection here, you will find one that will make a difference in your life.

Quick words of encouragement may be obtainable through the suggested methods above. So if you are looking for that short message that will tell the whole story, you can give them a try. You will put them up on the walls in your room to remind yourself of them now and then.


  • Quick words of encouragement are ideal if you are looking for a short message that will inspire you. 
  • They usually come in form of cards and sites like quotearts.com trade in them. 
  • Encouragement quotes by famous individuals can be found from afterquotes.com. 
  • Another source that might be useful is inspirationalspark.com with quotes from known and some unknown sources. 
  • You can put these quotes up in your room to be a reminder to you. 



Additional Information

Quick words of encouragement can also be used to inspire other people. Sharing a positive message with someone who means a lot to you can do wonders not only to the person you sending it to, but also to you.

You will be surprised how much their day will be changed and someday that same love will be shown to you. So do not wait until something bad happens to a loved one before you show your love. It might be too late.

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