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Powerful Words of Encouragement  



Powerful words of encouragement are needed to keep us going in our daily life. Without them few people can actually achieve their dreams. A lot of people who paid attention to motivational quotes and applied them in their lives have become a success. 


Firstly you need to have a positive attitude and believe in yourself if you want to achieve a goal.

Believe in yourself that you can also reach the heights and break the records that other people have set. Even planes first run before taking off and everyone else big began small. People with negative attitude often give up after the first few attempts and end up not reaching their desired goals.

Commitment and Determination

One of the factors that determine how far you will go in reaching success in life is the commitment and determination within you. If you have set the goals you want to achieve, then you need to back them up with sheer persistence and determination.

Excellence and Faithfulness

Another factor that makes the difference between a successful dream and a failed one is excellence. You need to excel or do your best in every step you take to achieve your dream. Live as if everyday was the last day of your life and be faithful to your schedule. These are some of the powerful words of encouragementyou need to pay attention to in order to reach success.


A prayer is also very essential in the quest to achieve your dream. Remember God is the source of success, in fact everything. Without him you can go really not too far. In addition God plans the destiny of everyone under the sun’s shade. God knew your destiny long before you were born.

I hope that you have found these motivational quotes very useful and they have opened your sight. For more powerful words of encouragement and related topics, feel free to tour this site and read more quotes.


  • Attitude goes a long way in helping someone reach out for his/her dream. A good attitude can lead one to break records
  • Commitment and determination are also key factors in reaching your dreams. Without them your good dreams can remain undiscovered even though you have the potential.
  • Excellence and faithfulness to your schedules and steps in achieving your dream is important. It determines how sooner you reach your goal.
  • Godliness above everything else is important. This is because God is the source of success and has plans for each one of us


Additional Information

Planning is also another important factor that determines one’s success. Here are interesting statistics; ten percent of people who have reached success planned their goals whereas ninety percent of people who feel they have failed did not set goals. So planning also determines how far you will go. 

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