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Positive Words of Encouragement


     Life is like a long winding journey that stretches far and seems to end somewhere in the horizon. There are sometimes circumstances that will delight us. There are also circumstances that will challenge us and brings us to the verge of hopelessness.

That is why you from time to time you need positive words of encouragement that will keep you going.  Some unfortunate individuals have lost hope to the extent that they found no meaning in life and hence have committed suicide. On the other hand there are some individuals who also happened to be on the point of hopelessness, but have been healed through reading inspirational words of encouragement. Just take a moment and check up the following quotes.

Never Give Up

Perhaps there is a dream that you have been working on for some time now and it hasn’t yet materialized. Maybe as I’m talking you have abandoned it. Well take charge once more and do something about it. If you can read the stories of successful individuals who are successful today, you can discover that they tried hard and often hit hard against all chances. This is because they had positive words of encouragement which guided and fuelled them to achieve their dreams.

Sometime not very long I read the story of the man who invented a bulb. He said when interviewed he said tried the experiment over two thousand times before it worked. If you can just imagine the number of times he tried before he eventually succeeded, you will know success costs a lot. The good thing, though is that he never gave up.

It’s Never Too Late

Someone can think for a moment and say, I’m too late. Your age is just a number and has really nothing to do with reaching your goals. We have seen young people as young as eleven achieving really big dreams and we have also seen others well past into their retirement age reaching their dreams 

Where There Is Life There Is Still Hope

It doesn’t matter of what your background is, the amount of education you have, the fact that you are living means you have the potential. Your condition may seem too complicated but there is way out of those challenges. These are some of positive words of encouragement that you should bear in mind if you want to live positively and reach your dreams.


  • Positive words of encouragement can uplift a hopeless soul to achieve big drams
  • In life, whatever the dream you are pursuing, never give up even if it come across big barriers
  • Most successful people have often tried and failed a number of times before finally achieving their dreams
  • It’s never too late for someone to achieve the dreams he/she has, it doesn’t matter how old is she.
  • As long as you are living, there is still hope and you have the potential of becoming whoever you want to be



Additional Information

In order to live positively and achieve your dreams, you need to be positive about life even though you seem to be stuck in difficulties. Being positive will help you live happily and healthily. People who are pessimistic often have mental problems and can’t be productive because they dwell on their grief than finding the solutions to their problems.

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