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List of Positive Words of Encouragement

Are you disappointed and feeling like you are losing hope? Here is a list of positive words of encouragement to help you cope with the situation you are facing. Brief and short as they are, I hope they will comfort and restore some hope in you.


As we all know there is a huge list of positive words of encouragement you will come across and they are intended for different people in different circumstances. Amongst some of these collections of proverbs, there are motivational, kind, loving, nice and powerful words. us In the following sections I would like us to focus on the various kinds and the use of each of the words mentioned.

Nice words


These are some type of words that are used mainly to cheer up somebody who has achieved something. They teach one how to appreciate their son or daughter if they deserve it and the kind of faith they instil into your kid. I would suggest to you that you see a full version of them in the sites I will give you towards the end.

Love words


These kinds of words would be of help to somebody who has lost hope and is sorry why they married in the first place. These words do so by showing them that a change is possible and things could be back in the right state they’ve always used to be. These are some of the helpful things that this list of positive words of encouragement does.

Kind words

Kind words of encouragement have various intentions depending on the situation that a certain individual has found themselves stuck in. He could have done something wrong and now facing the outcomes of his deeds. They train one to counsel these individuals.

I hope these few selected list of positive words of encouragement will make a huge difference in your life. Actually these are just highlights for each kind of word, otherwise for more details please visit noogenesis.com  or scribd.com.