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Kind Words of Encouragement



     I wish as you read this article that you receive kind words of encouragement and support. I also wish whatever have been troubling you, come to pass. It could be a loss of a loved one, broken heart, and loss of a job or something else.

All that matters is that you need to be shown kindness and love in this situation you in. 

Think Positively

At times the situation that comes in our lives leaves us feeling hopeless and hurt.

We sometimes forget that there is light after dark. Getting support and encouraging words often makes us realize that we are not the only ones facing hard times. Here are some of the best quotes you can find support from wow4u.com. Keeping these kindness quotes in your heart, will make you feel inspired and be able to comfort others. You can share the wisdom in them with people who needs a bit of motivation. Kind words of encouragement can be shared on different people facing different problems. It could be small children, teenagers, young adults and older people.

Apart from thinking positively, you should always put a smile on your face. Let others know you appreciate what they are doing. If you working with people, they should know when you are happy with them and if you are not. At times if someone is confused, you should show kindness and promise that they can do it.


You can use sympathy words of encouragement to show kindness to someone who has lost a loved one. You can make someone feel better by letting them that you are there. Kindness can be shown in different ways, sometime the person may need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Find kind words of encouragement that validate the pain inside the person and motivate him by sharing your support.

You can also find help with sympathy quotes, verses and poems. Find the right words to share to your friend who is grieving, someone who lost a job and etc. Try to make them see hope in the future. Encourage them to do something that will lessen the pain.

Give Hope

Giving hope is like giving out a gift of bravery, confidence and restoring someone’s self-esteem. The idea of giving hope is very important to people who are giving up and most importantly it is good to you as well. Restoring faith and to remind someone that nothing is impossible in the Lord helps. It reminds us that we can dust ourselves up whenever we fall.

And to know that all is not lost, life is like a journey that we choose to take. Who knows maybe one day you will realize that old tapes and negative thoughts in your heart are no longer in par with you.

Kind words of encouragement will give you and others the benefit of regaining hope. I think it is time to acknowledge your success and forget about your pain. You have a right to enjoy life and accomplish many things ahead of you.


  • Kind words of encouragement restore the strength we have lost while grieving on our loss. 
  • Showing kindnesses to people who are feeling down restore their self-esteem. 
  • Sympathy is one way to show kindness. 
  • Hope to let go of negative things. 


Additional Information

You can also show kindness to others by leaving as you say. Show that what you are saying is true. At times you do not need to only show kindness to people you know. Even strangers need to receive your warm, love and kindness.


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