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Japanese Words of Encouragement

Are you living in Japan and in need of simpler and straight forward version of Japanese words of encouragement? I would like to assure you that you are on the right page and you will find most of the things you would love to know about these expressions.

There are many kinds of such sayings which you will find dedicated to various people in different situations as they have different languages of which you know. So at this particular point in time I would like us to focus mainly on this nation’s type of inspirational words which are in the rest of the subsections that follows.


One of the popularly used kinds of Japanese words of encouragement is “ganbattle”. This is widely used and it means good luck and it can also mean put more effort. If you are looking for a job and you are waiting for an interview, these are for you then. You could be facing an examination or any kind of challenge that you are to compete for. Let’s look at the subsection that follows for more inspiration.


Another kind of motivational saying I would love to quote to you is ‘ouen’. This is intended to cheer up somebody. Today I would love to say “John, ouen shiteiruyo!” Forgive me if you are not John but all I am trying to do is cheer you up. I mean be sure that you will be lucky and find the job you are after and try to have faith within your soul.

I hope these Japanese words of encouragement will play an important role in motivating you to find the job or any kind of contest you are faced with. Of course I couldn’t have been able to share everything with you. I would love you to visit sites like animemi.com  or outdoorjapan.com  for more information