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Humorous Words of Encouragement



Humor sometimes helps us to relax, inspire us and even help us forget our problems. If you are looking for humorous words of encouragement, then you are in the right place.

With humor, you will soon forget the problems.  When we are faced with obstacles, or difficult situations, it is a good to laugh about them.When we laugh, we seem to change the way we had thought about them in the first place.

Humor, do not provoke

When you are saying humorous words of encouragement, you should be cautious about the effect they are going to have on your buddy. They should not add to the stress the friend already has. You don’t want to sound insincere. Tell your friend to keep on smiling; it keeps people guessing what you are up to. Telling your friend never to think about the mistakes he’s made but only on the ones he’s going to make, can also bring a smile and concentration in him. Be sure to check, funny words of encouragement.

On birthdays

Birthdays are one of the special days in anybody’s life. But to some it means getting older and having to act more responsibly than before. Go on and tell them that they are not getting any older but just getting more experienced.

If your friend happens to complain more about her wrinkles which are starting to show or are already showing, point it out and show them where the smiles were and how much you loved it. Click here.

Never to give up

The dreams that we have as a people are what really defines us. Without a dream, you are one step away to be a nobody or even a failure. With what you have, where you are, you can almost do anything. All you need to do is to believe you can. And yes you can! In the end, everything turns out to be ok. If it does not, then it is not the end.

What is also important to note is that between you and success, is obstacle waiting for you to jump over it to triumph. If you have big dreams, be ready for bigger challenges. Be prepared to jump so high that you can overcome and be successful. Do not be afraid of the bruises that you might get as you try to achieve your goal, this should only spur you to continue with vigor for the result is nigh. Buzzle.com contains more of these humorous words of encouragement.

Humorous words of encouragement are supposed to encourage not hurt anyone. Console a friend who has lost a job, lost a family member, his family is in tatters with humor. Make them forget about their problems for once. Be that person they would love to call their best friends.


  • Your humor should only make your friend feel better 
  • Shy away from one that will provoke or make the situation from your friend worse 
  • Don’t be shy to let others know of your age, just brag about how old you are 
  • Tell your friend never to give up on whatever endeavor he has started 


Additional Information

Someone once said that it was that the darkest hour comes before dawn. He went on to suggest that if you are going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, this was the best time. In essence, he wanted you to know that, being in difficult situations doesn’t mean that there’s nothing positive to come out of it.  

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