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Gentle Words of Encouragement  


     Nothing gives more inspiration than gentle words of encouragement to a person in any given situation. Be it yourself, a friend, a loved one or a colleague, the right words of encouragement need to be words that will inspire them.The only way to do that is to find tender and positive words.

Positive Words 

To encourage someone you need to use words that are not degrading or negative. 

They need to be words that will build self-esteem and confidence. Negative comments do nothing better than demoralize a person. The question then is which are those positive words that will do the trick? Well if you could visit sites like wow4u.com you will find some pointers and ideas on some of the things you could possibly say. There are inspirational quotes from here that are relevant.

Encouraging Words

If you are looking to make your life better you will need to start with what you have and that will have you achieving greater things in the end. Take each day as it comes and spend each day preparing for the next. There is an inspirational African saying which goes like this ‘smooth seas do not make great sailors’. In short, it doesn’t matter what problems you face, they are only here to make you a better person.

Hope plays an important role if you are willing to make your life better. Difficult moments are only there to test your strength and should not be allowed to have victory over you. Keep it in mind that winners never quit and quitters never win.

More such gentle words of encouragement are found at hubpages.com. They have a collection of them and that is sure to inspire you.

To Someone Else

Sincerity is the way to go if you are encouraging a friend, loved one or a colleague. Hope again plays an important role here. Giving hope is the only way to inspire a person especially when they are going through a tough patch in their lives.Try to use those positive words we talk about above and avoid being negative in your approach which may de-spirit a person. A site like el-secreto.biz will help you with ways on how to encourage the next person.

Words of encouragement can do wonders in uplifting a troubled heart but gentle words of encouragement will always be treasured and cherished by the recipient for they are more comforting. The above mentioned methods can be of assistance in coming up with such soul curing words which will change a soul for the better.


  • Gentle words of encouragement can change a person’s, loved one and colleague’s life for the better.
  • Positive words might be the best option in encouraging a person with examples from wow4u.com.
  • Words of wisdom from sites like hubpages.com are inspirational enough too.
  • Being sincere and positive when encouraging someone will definitely see them make it through.
  • El-secreto.biz will help you with step to encourage the next person.
  • Words of encouragement can be very soul curing if they are gently.



Additional Information

Associating yourself with those who love you during hardships may be a wise decision because they have your best interest at heart. Those are the people who might give a way forward when there seem to be no way out.They can be great source of advice and surely they would never say or do anything to destroy you.

To be a source of encouragement to others calls you to be loving, caring and taking an interest in other people. You should also accept their weaknesses and appreciate them for who they are. 


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