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Best Words of Encouragement


 The following paragraphs will highlight on the best words of encouragement that you can utilize for any given circumstance. It is words that change people’s thoughts on different circumstances.  

Once in awhile, we go through trying situations in our lives and find ourselves searching for words that will make whatever situation we are going through a little better.

 During sickness

When you or a loved one is sick we go through certain changes that affect our thinking. Our thinking is affected in the sense that we tend to isolate ourselves and also believe that no one cares. One of the best words of encouragement that can be used includes “Get well soon”. You are probably thinking this is one word that has been overly used and has lost its meaning, but when you say this from the bottom of your heart, it makes a lot of difference.

These words give the impression that you truly care and that you need this person to fight the sickness in order to be part of the world once again. Make use of encouragement words and poems to help a person cope with the sickness.

After a loss of a loved one

Losing a loved one is one of the most devastating moments for anyone. The pain that one goes through during this time is beyond words. During this time you ask yourself a lot of questions. Some of the best words of encouragement for anyone that is going through this can be found in the scripture.

The bible has plenty of these words that can help in changing a person’s thinking during this sad moment. Jeremiah 31:13 says the Lord will turn our mourning into joy. With these words you can assure the mourners that their mourning will be turned into joy and only God knows how.

Some of the encouragement words can be obtained from people that have gone through this. You can also tell the people that the deceased has escaped from all the sufferings of the world and is now closer to God where there is no suffering.


  • We all go through a phase whereby words of encouragement are the only ones to get us out of that stage.
  • The right word or phrase has the power to change a person’s thinking and how they feel in a certain situation.
  • Sickness has the power to alter the way people think and view certain situations. 
  • Losing a loved one is one of the sad moments in life. It is the right words that can help a person cope with death.



Additional Information

Buying a card or sending flowers to someone that is going through tough times can help cheer the person up. When buying a card, you should make sure that the message in it is related to the situation they are going through.

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