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Daily Words of Encouragement For Everyone 

In this site we offer various words of encouragement. For what ever type of encouragement you need this site will offer you exactly what you need.

You can also join our community to share you feelings and thought and to also encourage others in areas where you are most strong.


  1. Best Words of Encouragement
    Most of the times I’ve felt like giving up on so many things, it’s been the heartening words said by someone that have helped me cope. I want to share some of the best words of encouragement that I have found to he helpful during difficult times.
  2. Christmas Words of Encouragement
    Christmas time is indeed a time for celebration. It is true that a lot of people do celebrate this day without really knowing what this day is about. There are so many theories and presumptions about...
  3. Daily Words of Encouragement
    For most people just the thought of getting up in the morning and facing each day is a challenge. With the help of daily words of encouragement this can be a thing of the past. You can wake up every...
  4. Words of Encouragement and Strength
    Looking for words of encouragement and strength. So many of the times you feel like no-one knows or understands what you are going through. Even though people might know what you are going through you will always find that one person that does.
  5. Examples of Words of Encouragement
    If you are a religious person then you are someone that probably appreciates the power that words have. In fact you do not have to be a religious person to appreciate the power of words. I’m sure you...
  6. Famous Words of Encouragement
    There are some famous words of encouragement that no matter how many times you hear they will still get you through stuff. A lot of the words that we know encourage people to never give up no matter...
  7. Free Words of Encouragement
    If you are looking for some free words of encouragement then you are in the right place. Personally I do not believe this is something anyone should have to pay for. We all go through ups and downs...
  8. Friendly Words of Encouragement
    There are those times when you don’t know what to say to someone even though they might be a friend. If you are looking for some sincere friendly words of encouragement then you are in the right...
  9. Funny Words Of Encouragement
    You know there are some situations that are so tense that you wonder what you can say to break the tension. Sometimes funny words of encouragement can help diffuse a stressful atmosphere.
  10. Words of Encouragement for a Cousin
    I cannot think of anyone that does not need encouragement at one point or another in their life. Even some of our family members and relatives do find themselves between a rock and a hard place once...
  11. Words of Encouragement for a Friend
    Looking for words of encouragement for a friend? If you have your friend of yours that is going through a rough time and want to help them out then you are in the right place. Even though you might not be able to do anything about it some words of encouragement will go a long way in helping them feel better.
  12. Gentle Words of Encouragement
    There are some people that are fragile and need to be treated genlty. Even the things that we say to them must be sincere. Read through the following gentle words of encouragement for some of the things you can say to people of this nature.
  13. Good Words Of Encouragement
    Good Words Of Encouragement; Are you wondering how to find good words of encouragement for someone special in your life? Then go through the following article to learn more.
  14. Goodluck Words Of Encouragement
    Goodluck Words Of Encouragement There are many people out there who need goodluck words of encouragement for their loved ones. So if you are amongst those, then go through the following article it...
  15. Great Words Of Encouragement
    It is with the help of great words of encouragement that most people have endured difficult times in thier lives. Whether you want insipiration, motivation or uplifting you will find something for you here.
  16. How To Write Words Of Encouragement
    How To Write Words Of Encouragement Are you looking for ways on how to write words of encouragement? Okay, on the following article you will find a number of them both useful and encouraging and for...
  17. Humorous Words of Encouragement
    There are times when you can encourage someone by saying something witty or funny. Find out how you can encourage someone and also put a smile on their face from the following humorous words of encouragement.
  18. Inspirational Words Of Encouragement
    We all have different sources of insipiration. Sometimes all it takes are just some motivational words of encouragement to get us to keep going. Get inspired by reading through the material below.
  19. Japanese words of encouragement
    Japanese words of encouragement Are you living in Japan and in need of simpler and straight forward version of Japanese words of encouragement? I would like to assure you that you are on the right...
  20. Kind words of encouragement
    There are people around us and in our everyday lives that need to hear kind words of encouragement just to help them get throught the day. Get some kind words of encouragement from the paragraphs below.
  21. List of positive words of encouragement
    List of positive words of encouragement Are you disappointed and feeling like you are losing hope? Here is a list of positive words of encouragement to help you cope with the situation you are...
  22. List of words of encouragement words
    List of Words of Encouragement Are you a parent, who in some instances really wishes to know what causes your kids to behave the way they do and not the way you want them to? Take a minute or two and...
  23. morning words of encouragement
    Morning Words of Encouragement Have you ever woken up one dull morning and felt very dizzy and with unexplained pains and felt like you needed something like morning words of encouragement? Haven’t...
  24. New Year Words Of Encouragement
    Nice Words Of Encouragement Have you lost hope and confidence in yourself and feeling tired of planning year after year but never coming nearer to your dream. Here are New Year words of...
  25. Nice words of encouragemen
    Nice words of encouragement Do you have kids that are pleasing and you even run out of words on how to encourage them. If so then you are on the right page as it offers some nice words of...
  26. Positive words of encouragement
    Have you ever found yourseld in need positive words of encouragement particularly when the going gets tough and steeper? If so I would love to assure you that you are on the right page.
  27. Powerful words of encouragement
    Are you looking for powerful words of encouragement to face and achieve your goals? Consider this brief and straight to the point article that will leave you happier and better positioned to reach for the things you want in life.
  28. Proverbs words of encouragement
    Proverbs words of encouragement Are you a Christian who wishes to be devoted to God by living by his holy word. Here are proverbs words of encouragement .Well you are right on target as this article...
  29. Quick Words Of Encouragement
    Quick words of encouragement are used to uplift or sometimes to put smiles on peoples faces. You do not always need to have a lengthy speech to be able to encourage someone.
  30. Running Words of Encouragement
    Running Words Of Encouragement Were you doing road races for a number of years and need some running words of encouragement? Well this is a good place where to find them. You will also find ways of...
  31. Sample words of encouragement
    Sample Words Of Encouragement Are you ambitious and have a desire for reaching your goal? If so here are sample words of encouragement that will help you achieve your goals with ease. Take a minute...
  32. Short words of encouragement
    There are those situations whereby you just need to say something quickly to someone. If you want something short and concience then read the short words of encouragement below.
  33. Single Words Of Encouragement
    Single words of encouragement can play a great role in inspiring and motivating one to remain stable and confident. Should you be looking for those then you are on the right page.
  34. Some words of encouragement
    Find out how easy it is uplift someone using Some words of encouragement from the paragraphs below and if you are the one that needs encouragement you will find the following words useful.
  35. Strong words of encouragement
    It is amasing how easily some people handle the problems they face. This is usually because of the strong words of encouragement that they receive from people around them. Read through some and get motivated fromt the paragraphs below.
  36. Teacher words of encouragement
    Teachers nowadays are frustrated, thus they end up resigning from their career because they are lack some words of encouragement. If you are a teacher then this article is written to help you...
  37. Thoughtful words of encouragement
    There are different individuals who think of encouraging words but find it difficult to locate some. Actually if you are amongst those then the next editorial will help you with various thoughtful...
  38. Warm words of encouragement
    It is good to receive or find warm words of encouragement from friends and relatives. Would you like to know how to do it? The following article will help you on how you can do so with ease.
  39. Whispered Words of Encouragement
    Do you need whispered words of encouragement of hope from God or someone special that will light your life and guarantee a better future? Well here you will find enough words to leave you feeling motivated.
  40. Words Of Encouragement For Teenage Girls
    Teenagers are one of the most difficult people to work with or be around. If you are a parent and you are looking for words of encouragement for teenage girls, then read the following article for a...
  41. Words Of Encouragement For Unemployed
    The rate of unemployment has increased over the past years. If you know of anyone who is unemployed and want words to encourage them then read the following article on words of encouragement for unemployed people.
  42. Words Of Encouragement For Volunteers
    Volunteers are one of the most important people in the world. These are people who have dedicated their lives to help others that are in need of help and love. The article below has a few words of...
  43. Words Of Encouragement For Writers
    Writers are one group of people that are very important to our daily lives. This I say because their work can heal, bring hope and smiles. To others it brings tears because of the emotions it holds....
  44. Words Of Encouragement For Youth
    If you want words of encouragement for youth then you can read the content below. The youth is tomorrow’s future. Therefore they have to be confident to bring a better change for tomorrow.
  45. Words Of Encouragement Phrases
    Words of encouragement are used to uplift people who are down or troubled. They help people who think they are at the end of the road. People who think they have failed themselves or others. Read the...
  46. Words Of Encouragement Pictures
    This is a different kind of motivation. Instead of words, pictures are mostly used. Some pictures don’t need words to explain them while others do. Read the following article for words of...
  47. Writing Words of Encouragement
    If you want some guidance on how to write encouragement words for someone then you are in the right place. Read through the following writing words of encouragement get an idea of what you can write.
  48. Words of Encouragement for a Marine
    Being a serving member of anyone of the defense forces does have it challenges. It is quite different from the glamour and thrill that is shown in the movies. The reality is quite different, trust me...
  49. words of encouragement for a new job
    If you are out of a job and looking for work, these can be frustrating times for you. Perhaps you have been at it for a while and nothing is forthcoming. The following words of encouragement for a...
  50. Words of Encouragement for a New Year
    They say that the ending of one thing is the beginning of another. This transition time brings about various challenges. Get some motivation to start the year on high note from the following words of encouragement for a new year.
  51. Words of Encouragement for a Teacher
    Being involved in the teaching profession is quite a challenge even for the most experienced of teachers. In fact it would seem the more years you spend teaching the more it wears you down. Get some words of encouragement for a teacher to keep you going from here.
  52. Words of Encouragement for Deployment
    Looking for words of encouragement for deployment? The last thing on my mind when I enlisted as a serving member of the army was that one deployed onto the frontline. It only hits you after you pass out and there is a war going on that you might just be called up. Put some of your fears to rest by reading through the following paragraphs.