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Words of Encouragement for Wedding  




     There are various challenges that one comes across in marriages that could make one feel like quitting. Most people encounter problems with their marriage lives such thateven a movie has been made about it, called why did I get married.

In response to the crisis in marriages in have decided to come up with words of encouragement for a wedding to help you cope with all the challenges that comes with marriage  Infidelity is usually the most cause for break ups and divorce in most marriages.True marriage life does sometimes become bitter in a way you could have anticipated to the extent that divorce seems the most preferable option. Yes in the short run it is, but it will have a bad impact on the kids, let’s take a look at the following words of encouragement for a wedding that can keep you going no matter what the situation is. 

Communication Is the Key

Poor or lack of communication in marriages has been the main cause and source of infidelity and complaints that often arise in marriages. Patience honesty and sincerity more than anything else are very important and vital for a happy marital life. Tell your partner what you expect and how you think you can both achieve it. Do not keep to yourself whatever is bothering you and decide to seek consolation elsewhere outside the marriage as most discontented partners do.

Seek the AdviceofCounselors

If you have tried to share the problem you have with your partner, and have failed, it is then that you can try to refer the problem elsewhere. But before you try to refer it elsewhere make sure you have tried your best and you feel you have done everything in your power to solve it. People like marriage counselors are there and can help you.

Divorce Is Not a Good Solution

Divorce is the kind of a solution that I will never recommend for couples. This is because it has a long lasting effect and negatively impacts on the couple and kids. For kids to grow up in a good loving environment they need both of you. No matter what is happening stick to the vow that you made on wedding day that you will stay together till death separates you. Do it for the sake of the kids. These are words of encouragement for a wedding that you should bear in mind when you feel like letting go.


  • Communication is essential for a successful and a healthy marriage.
  • To be able to deal with challenges in marriages, you need to be very patient, honest and sincere. 
  • Share anything that you don’t like about your partner with your partner.
  • If you and your partner have tried to solve your problems and have failed, rather than opt for divorce seek the advice of marriage counselor


Additional Information

Every marriage has its own problems. What makes a marriage successful is how oftenyou discuss the problems that challengethe wedding. It’s wise to attend and learn more about possible problems in marriage long before you run into them. Most church services now do have sermons to help married couples cope with the marriage problems.

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