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Loving Words of Encouragement



 I have come to notice the feeling that comes after hearing inspiring and motivating words. I also wonder how the feeling would grow if people were to share loving words of encouragement daily.


It is a great thing to know that there are people out there that share their love with us and this gives us hope that we are not alone.



Words of encouragement can create a very powerful impact which can be used remarkably to change people’s lives.Looking at positive loving quotes can give you support to provide motivation to keep people who are discourageuplift.You can share some of these words with people who need love and maybe you can use them to motivate your own life or your family.

Loving words of encouragement can develop to be the greatest motivator you need to start something new.Such words can be used to heal broken hearts and people who need to restore their self-esteem. If said in the right way, they can be used to overcome fear.

Show Compassion

Just like a mother showing love to her child. You see a mother giving out words of encouragement to the child and hug it with so much affection and you also see her disciplining the child showing so much love and kindness.This mean love much not always be spoiling the person but it must also be strong. There is no greater love than that of a mother.

If you want to show someone you care and want to give loving words of encouragement make sure to do so gracefully, and even if there was an argument before, you need to talk smoothly. Even if the next person is on the wrong, make sure you show kindness. We all have our sensitive side and that needs to be handled with care.You can also find more information on how to encourage the people you love with ease, view relationship-builder.com.

Be Loving

Even the book of Mathew 22:37 says the greatest command of all is Love. That is why we need to show affection and fondness to others. Plus if there is something that pleases us we must delight to show our love. Take it like you are a parent. Parents usually delight in what their kids are doing, it just comes naturally. Loving words of encouragement must be delightful and show fondness.

Lastly we need to worship. God gave us His love. If you cannot show love to someone else it means you cannot love yourself above God. We daily delight in the name of God and show our loyalty to Him. Imagine if the joy it will bring to someone else, if we show these love. It would make a huge difference in someone’s life and ours. Show some love to the next person.


  •  Loving words makes a huge difference in someone’s life, they give motivation and hope. 
  • Words of encouragement are meant to show that we care and can discipline in a loving way. 
  • Showing compassion is one of the things people in love must do. 
  • There is no great love like the mother’s love. 
  • Love and show fondness to people around you. 



Additional Information

Being loyal and devoted to your marriage can be one way to show your love. Think positive and practice saying loving words with respect.Other loving things you could do are show kindness and always do good for others.


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