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Words of Encouragement After A Loss 

Losing someone you love is never an easy thing. In fact no once could ever understand it better than you do. I lost a friend once and 6 months later people started hinting that I should get over it already - how hurtful.


  1. Words of Encouragement after a Loss
    Have you recently experienced the passing on of someone that was close to you and you cared about? I know what it’s like too. It does not make me an expert on how you can handle your grief but I can...
  2. Words of Encouragement after Losing a Loved One
    One thing that we all experience as people is the passing on of someone close to us. It is the words of encouragement after losing a loved one that usually help us during this difficult time. Having...
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    Handling the pain of losing someone that you love is never easy for anyone. If you are looking for words of encouragement for a friend who lost a loved one then you are in the right place.
  4. Words of Encouragement for a Miscarriage
    I am sure we all know how the joy of a pregnancy can be shattered by a miscarriage. If you looking for ways of how you can cope the words of encouragement for a miscarriage contained here will be help you find some comfort.