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Words of Encouragement for a Job  



 Due to the world-economy meltdown, securing a job is not easy. Hope, patience, prayer and many more factors can help someone to press on. Here are words of encouragement for a job that should help give you the strength to press on. 

 Perhaps you have just lost a job and you are wondering how you are going to make ends meet.

Or you have just graduated and you have been looking for a job for some time now. Either way the following motivational quotes will help you cope with all the difficulties associated with searching for a job. 

Try and Fail, Never Fail To Try 

It could have been sometime you are searching for a job but all to no avail.The best advice I have for you is that you keep on searching because you do not know which direction will the sun fall on. People who have reached what they desired achievement often tried a number of times, hitting against all odds. Theynever gave upuntil they succeeded.I hope their experiences will be useful Words of Encouragement for a Job and you will try to learn from them. 

Keep Praying 

Some people tend to forget about God’s power and seek for help elsewhere. Moments of despair are the moments when you have to be close to God.No matter how much you try without God in your life your attempts are as good as you haven’t tried anything. God has good plansfor each and every person under the sun shade. 

Be As Objective As Possible 

It may be true that you have a certain qualifications and therefore looking for a specific job. But it’s best to forget that for a while and make use of any opportunity that comes your way. Who knows may be it will lead you to your desired destination.There could be a number of ways God is channeling youto your desired dreams.  

I would just love to believe that these motivational quotes are invaluable and will help you keep on pushing until you secure a job of your dreams. For more Words of Encouragement for a Job read more content on this site, hopefully the links below will guide you find more motivational quotes. 


  • It could be stressful and difficult manage a living without a job 
  • Hope, patience and determination are thekeys for someone to succeed and reach her dreams
  • Always make use of any opportunity presented to you. That is you should try and fail, but never fail to try
  • Above all keep on praying to god to help you reach for your dreams. This is because God knows and plan your destiny. You may be trying to reach for a certain dream only to find that God has even bigger dreams than you have for yourself.
  • In the job search quest, never criticize. Accept the little you get, perhaps it is the channel you have to go through in order to reach those dreams.




Additional Information 

There are a lot of people who have achieved their dreams against all odds who may help you share firsthand experience with you. You just try to learn and get support from them. You will be amazed of the situations they conquered that made them to be wherever they are. 

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