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Words of Encouragement after Job Loss


Are you looking for words of encouragement after a job loss? Then you are reading the right article. It is normal for most people to feel vulnerable, hurt and sometimes angry after losing a job.

 However one thing for sure is that despite having the stress of a job loss or the stress of not being employed,

 you still can take control of your life and have other career goals.  You need hope that you can get through any hard times and taking care of yourself is one goal. During times of job loss it is good to reach out for help from family members and friends. Do you know that losing your job can be the very first opportunity you need to take stock of your life, rethink your career achievement and focus your goals on a job that makes you feel happy. 

Losing a job is stressful         

The way we live our lives is mainly because we have jobs to look after, and if we lose that it means our way of living has to change. Having a job is an influence on how others see us and how we see ourselves. Our jobs provide structure, purpose and meaning. So if it happens that we have lost that or we know people who have lost jobs, it becomes our responsibility to find words of encouragement after job loss.  

Most people after losing jobs, they become stressed and develop depression. People mostly think of the loss of earning an income each month. Well some jobs are more than income, just losing one makes other people feel unwelcome in the society they living. Such loss also brings about loss of self-esteem, identity and daily routine plus the loss of security. You can look for stress encouragement words from helpguide.org.

How to Cope  

If you want to regain your career life, you need to face your fears. If you still feel fear, anxiety and depression, going back the market larder can be hard for you. So you need to set aside the grieving process and start looking for a new job. You can get through this by simple challenging your negative thoughts and move on. 

You also need to find inspiration and some words of encouragement after job loss. This you can do by writing down on how you feel, try to express all your feeling about being unemployed. Don’t ask question like “why me?” get to accept the economy changes, know that there is nothing wrong you did, it just happened. Try to use this time to look for the silver lining. Who knows maybe losing your job will bring something of value. 

Get Support 

Getting support from people you trust and people who care about you can make your situation look better and hopeful. Talking about your job loss can do you good and sometimes solution can be given. You can also find words of encouragement after job loss, by going to wordsfordifficulttimes.blogspot.com and find words with comfort and wisdom.  

Support groups will help boost your confidence and open your eyes about new job opportunities out there. And by that time you will be able to contact other people similar to you and be able to keep a professional network with them. Another thing you can do is to join job recruitment agenices. This may help you face unemployment and empower you to start looking for a job. 


  • People who lose jobs become angry and stressed.
  • Looking for the silver lining can help you bounce back into looking for a new job.
  • Having family support is one way to cope with unemployment.



Additional Information

Apart from the fact that you have lost your job, your health might be in trouble also if you keep thinking about being unemployed. So if you want to stay healthy, don’t let job loss take toll of your life. You can join stress management groups. Joining this group will help you stay physically and emotionally fit. One more thing, try to join volunteering groups.


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