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Words Of Encouragement For A Sick Person


 We all know how bad feeling sick is. Often sick people due to the conditions that they are experiencing, tend to lose temper easily. As a result I have come up with these words of encouragement for a sick person that you can use to cheer and motivate them.

Sicknesses vary in length, causes and in intensity. Some sicknesses just last a short period of time and generally it is not so difficult to cope with them. Some of them are hereditary and may last a long time but through proper counseling one can cope with them.There are also sicknesses that are very distressing that may force one to resign from work.

About Sick People

There are a lot of words and acts that can be done to show that you love and care that you love someone. But the way you say and do it counts most. Showing sympathy more than necessary can turn to be nuisance and irritates the sickness victim. So words of encouragement for a sick person should be sincere and genuine.

Show Care, Love

There are many ways of showing sincere care and love without faking it. Sincere actions and words will touch someone sick. Telling someone how much you care about them and constantly thinking about them is another way of encouraging a sick friend. This may include sending him cards and messages, these would play a role in making him recover speedily.


Reminding someone sick that the he is getting better even if he is not will actually makes him confident and feels really better. You can go on to remind him that every situation will come to pass and everything will become normal. These are some of the words of encouragement for a sick person that will feel him loved


  • There are varying degrees of sicknesses and some really demand patience, genuine love and care as well comfort 
  • Sick people tend to lose temper much quicker, so love and patient is essential to care-giver. 
  • The manner in which acts and words of encouragement are expressed to the victim of sickness counts a lot to the person whom these words are addressed to.  
  •  Unnecessaryrepetition becomes cliché and may soon irritate the sick person 
  • Genuine feeling of love and care are necessary for a sick person. Faked sympathy emotion will show and will have no impact on the person who these words are said to 
  • Comfort, love inspirations are most important for elements for someone who is sick. 



Additional Information

An illness is not a curse but a condition that makes someone feel bad. Even if it is a terminal illness like cancer it does not mean you will die anytime soon. Nowadays anyone can die anyhow and at any time unexpectedly. So do your best enjoy the time you have and always look on the bright side of things.

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