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Words of Encouragement for Dying  

It is a normal situation to find it hard to express yourself when talking to a person faced with the prospect of death. Words of encouragement for dying are not an everyday process which makes it an uphill task for just about anyone.

It does not matter whether you are looking to encourage someone or you need these encouraging words for yourself.
The known fact is these are the hardest words to come up with.
If you need encouragement yourself, I’m sure you will by now realize how tough it is for those friends and family to come up with the right words to relay their feelings to you.

Encouraging Someone Who Is Facing Death 

Normally, friends and relative will try to find words dedicated to someone they love who is facing death to show their togetherness and support. Sometimes these words may come out wrong or they might not realize that they are making things worse. You will need to bear with them since the task before them is more delicate than any other.

A site like
hudds53.wordpress.com has a story called ‘dying man’s journal’. The writer talks about how he would say goodbye to fellow family and friends. The comments from other readers are quite comforting too. They also share their ideas on goodbye words. 

Comforting Words For Someone

As mentioned earlier, words of encouragement for dying are a hard thing to come up with, whether you are looking for them for yourself or a close person. It is a normal experience to find yourself at lost for inspirational words for someone who is dying. A number of sites have tried to come up with such words to simplify your task. A site like quotegarden.com has inspirational words for cancer suffers which you might find useful.  

Ideal Words To Say Goodbye 

A lot of people have faced this situation before. If you visit a site like uk.answers.yahoo.com you will find what others suggest on this challenge. Most of them suggest that you don’t say goodbye but remind the person of all the nice memories you shared. Avoid words that will depress them.  

Life is a journey after all. We are born, we grow and at some point we die. We need to accept it the way it is. The most important thing to do during words of encouragement for dying is to show love. Sometimes just being there next to the person can speak better than any words you could articulate. They say actions speak louder than words.  


·    Words of encouragement for dying are the hardest to come up with because of the sensitivity of the matter. 

·    It normally happens that when people try to encourage someone the words come out wrong and end up hurting the next person. 

·     If you are facing death and are looking for inspirational words for yourself you can go to hudds53.wordpress.com. 

·    If you are looking for words to comfort someone who is ill, you can go to quotegarden.com where there are words dedicated to cancer patients. 

·   On how to say goodbye to a close person, you can try a site like uk.aswers.yahoo.com where a number of ways are suggested by the readers. 

·    Showing love and being there for someone facing death are the best options there is. 

Additional Information

Another option for a religious person for words of encouragement for dying might be the Holy Bible verses. If you are someone who bases his/her faith on God then a site like squidoo.com is appropriate for you. From here you will find verses on sympathy, death and funeral. So whatever your need be the site will have those verses for you. 

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