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Words of Encouragement before Surgery


will make you feel more at ease with this situation.

     It’s really scary to know that you will be undergoing surgery soon, which is why it’s important to get words of encouragement before surgery. Well it’sokay to be scared and on edge, but expect from the below article words which

There Are More Chances of the Surgery to Go Well

The life we are living now isn’t based on nature only,

we now have much advanced medical people and machines which do most of the needed healing work for our bodies. People are now much complex when it comes to things like attending to illnesses. There really isn’t a lot to worry about but this statement of mine is not saying that you shouldn’t be afraid as such a feeling will always be there in a situation like yours.

Embrace Life in Every Way

Regardless of the fact that you are not the only one who is about to undergo surgery, you should also know that there are many others who are in need for words of encouragement before surgery. Some of the people you could share your pain with or people who are in need of these comforting words are found from online sites like Scoliosis.org. At times it’s better to communicate with someone who is in the same situation as yours since you feel like that personunderstands.

In as much as this is a hard time for you, you have to be stronger and don’t show your fear to your loved ones, especially to your kids if you have them. I hope so far these words of encouragement before surgery are working well for you. A certain lady said her husband was about to go for surgery and he found courage through her and their kids, she also managed to find comfort from Cancercompass.com.

Get Back To Your Normal Self

Pray for strength. If you are not used to praying, then start doing so and ask religious people to pray with you. Uplift your spirit in every way and have belief on being better and making it a point that all will be well. Also, the doctors who operate the surgeries are trained to encourage their patients with such cases. So you can make yourself a great deal by consulting with your doctor on the whole operation and also asking them to explain to you on what to expect after the operation and also the side effects to expect from the whole process. Talking to your doctor will help boost the faithbetween you and him, also, it will enable a bit of friendship and trust between the two of you. So you could also use his words of encouragement before surgery for your own comfort.


  • Be strong for the ones you love and assure them that all will be well it’s just a surgery. 
  • In order for the people around you to be relaxed and at ease with the surgery, they need to see you showing signs of concentration and calm. 
  • You should relax, all will be well. 


Additional Information

You aren’t the first person to undergo such a process and are most certainly not the last one, the people who would be doing the operation on you are experienced and will know exactly what they are doing on you. To the doctors, carrying out your surgery will be like making a sandwich as it’s something they do on a daily basis; it’s something they are well versed with and something they don’t hesitate on doing anytime.


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