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Words of Encouragement to Get Well  


Whether you would like to encourage someone or you are the one who needs comfort over an illness, this page will be all the cheering you need and leave you feeling better.

  Online, there are always words of encouragement to get well soon for people like you. Although illnesses are things we face probably on a daily basis, you can rely on differebt ways to try and overcome your fears.

Words to Encourage Someone

You might tell yourself that you are faced with a very disturbing illness, but truth is you are in a very crucial but simple race. Instead of making your bed your new best friend, I want you to start making it your worst enemy. Your life doesn’t revolve around it anyways; you don’t have time to be lying down all day but have to prepare for a very interesting race so that you get to win at the end of the day. Have a positive mind in overcoming your illness in every way.

Show everyone around you that there is a lot of hope in your getting well and assure them that all will be well. Aren’t you tired of hearing them saying everything will be okay, now turn the cards on them and be the one to tell them these words? Everything begins with you, if you surrender to an illness; it’s a sign of showing failure in yourself and in life. Why give up on life if there is a lot to live for. If probably your past isn’t a good one, you can choose to change your future and plan for it very well.

Support during an Illness

Love is one thing that an ill person needs at all times. Apart from the love given by family, doctors also happen to be good friends in such cases. Well in actual fact, doctors happen to be counselors, I’m sure you knew that, which is why they can be relied upon in comforting their patients and giving them hope for tomorrow through words of encouragement get well. And one best or interesting thing about getting comfort from a doctor is the fact that they encourage and guide you with medical and spiritual words.

Find Courage from Your Prayers

All the things of this world will vanish soon and nothing of it will last forever. If you are of the Christian religion, you can turn to most encouraging words of the Lord which are found from Acts 16 verse 30 and also refer to John 1 verse 12. These verses will basically advise you in having Faith in the Lord and the wonders he will make to your life, they are indeed good words of encouragement get well soon. More of the verses you could use and words to read for comfort can be found from places such as Topyourbody.com.


  • If you think positively about getting better soon, then everyone around you will have the same thought. 
  • Doctors advise you on what you should do to keep well and the best ways to use in keeping fit. 
  • Always keep in mind that we are not in this world forever and our destination is a place that has neither illnesses nor pain.  



Additional Information

Anything and everything is possible so long as you focus your body and mind into getting well. So don’t surrender but instead be strong and get rid of all the horrible and irritating thought as they are doing nothing but destroying you and adding up to the pain of your illness.

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