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Words of Encouragement during Difficult Times


 Every person in life will go through difficult times and some will be harder than others while some you will be able to handle. If you are facing difficult times and you are looking for words of encouragement during difficult times then you will have to read the following article. 

For as long as you are human you will be faced with difficult times. The important thing is how you handle that situation.

Making use of words of encouragement during hard times could be of help. There are people who can write and make you feel like they are in the same situation as you are.

No situation is permanent

One of my best words of encouragement during difficult times will be” there is no situation that is permanent”. If you have that in your mind and soul you will get over the situation. Another thing that you can have in your mind is that you are not alone in that situation. People tend to think that when they go through hard times they are the only people who have been in that situation.

You should always have it in your mind that you are not the first person to go through that situation someone has been there. Difficult situations are there to make us strong people, always look at your situation like that. From the bible the Lord says that you should turn yourself to me, and have mercy on me, for I am desolate and afflicted. The troubles of my heart have enlarged bring out of my distress.

Go beyond the situation

One thing that makes people not to overcome difficult times is because they turn to nurse the situation. Life is unpredictable and tough, just when you think you have got a hang of how it all works, it changes. Inspirational quotes can be life changing. Sometimes, when you are feeling down and out, one thought, one idea can turn it all around for you.

Some thoughts just make so much sense at times, as if they've been written for you. Write such thoughts down and keep them in front of you every time. These thoughts could turn into the best words of encouragement during difficult times for you.

Start Living

You can also make them your inspirational mantras! These are quotes to live by. These thoughts or mantras have power to lift you out of misery by putting things in perspective. That is because some words of encouragement during difficult times come from the depths of experience and wisdom. They are from people who have been where you are now. So here are some inspirational quotes for difficult times, which will stop the whirling chaos of thoughts and put you back on the path towards your goal!


  • There is a time in our lives that were face difficult situation that promise to break us.
  • No matter what satiation you face, you need to find a way to find happiness.
  • You should also know that no problem is permanent.
  • You can always find words of wisdom and encouragement to live by.
  • Taking what positive things other people say can lift you up and restore the respect you deserve.


Additional Information

Taking the bible to be your mentor during hard and difficult time can help you to find hope and restore your faith. Reading Psalms 25:16-18 will show you the love God gives to His people. Whatever situation you may be facing right now, know that God will forgive. There is no other place you will find peace and love than reading the Bible.


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