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Words Of Encouragement For Difficult Times


There always comes a time when someone is suddenly faced with an avalanche of problems and feels like the world has come to an end. There are always words of encouragement for difficult times that you can rely on that

have saved the lives of most people who though their conditions were helpless.  It’s natural that each one of us in some point in our lives we encounter

obstacles which we must solve not to take our lives as most people find it the ideal solutions. The reasons people find themselves in difficulties are varied. Some people could have found themselves in problems through negligence or through someone’s fault. Whatever the reason is that you have found yourself in troubles there is a way out of it. Let’s just consider some of the essential tips you can try in times of troubles 

Do Something Before It Gets Late 

The best way to tackle a problem facing you is to discuss it with your people you trust. It can be friends, parents, pastor or social counselors. Sharing the problem with any of them will reduce the stress intensity. In addition you will be offered with useful words of encouragement for difficult times which will help you cope with the problem. There is a saying which says two eyes are better than one. You might find that what you consider a problem is a very simple thing to someone. Also someone with an experience will share how he coped with the problem. 

Suicide Has Never Been A Solution 

Most people after having tried to solve the problem on their own and failed, they think suicide is the best choice. If your problem is that you have failed exams, fallen pregnant or have lost a job, that is not the end of the road. There is more to life.

You can always make up for the second time and achieve far better than you would have had with the first opportunity. There are many people who have had similar problems like you and they have also felt that it was the endof the journey. But because they found people who offered them wordsof encouragement for difficult times, they survived.  


  • Challenges are part of life and not a curse or a punishment.
  • Whatever the cause that has landed you in the troubles, there is always a way out.
  • One should learn from mistakes and make sure he doesn’t repeat the same mistake in life.
  • The best way to solve a problem is to discuss it with people who can help you. Do not keep it to yourself, it may end up in causing you to take away your life.
  • There are multiple options and solutions for a single problem.
  • There is always a second chance that you can make up for in case you have messed up the first one.



Additional Information

The important lesson to learn from difficulties is that you should make sure that next time you don’t find yourself in the same problem again. People often say we learn from the mistakes we make. At times we make mistakes that are so fatal that they leave us with permanent scars that will always remind us of our mistakes.

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