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Sympathy Words of Encouragement

Perhaps you feel lost and isolated and there is nowhere else you can find help. You are even thinking of ending your life. Wait a minute or two and consider the following sympathy words Of Encouragement. Brief and short as they are I hope they will bring your episode to end.

It’s okay to cry

I know it’s painful but it is real and the only way to ease is to cry. Don’t try to resist it. All I want to say is don’t dwell on your grief either. It could have serious impact on you if do. I know one particular girl who died as a result of dwelling on this. Let’s see the following sympathy words of encouragement that will help you feel better.

Don’t lose hope

Don’t even dare think of losing hope. You can still face life without your parents and do very well. That shock is not the end of your life and a lot of people have come across that situation. If you could see them today you can deny that they are from such tragedies. They recovered, just like you will.

Helpful tips

It’s hard to pretend as if nothing bad has happened and feel cool and relaxed. If you find it hard try to visit some friends and they will try to comfort you. Surely they don’t want to lose you and they will be of great help and I am sure your mind will not wonder back to your tragedies.

Another thing you can do would be to visit your pastor or members of your church and they could be of great help to you spiritually and otherwise. They are one of those people who could help you.

I hope these sympathy words of encouragement have gone a long way in healing your wounds. For more of these articles that will help you bear your pains with ease check sites like homewithgod.com  or walkwounded.com.