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Words of Encouragement for Employees


Using words of encouragement for employees can improve your workplace attitude and produce great results. Recognition is one of the greatest motivators, be genuine and let employees know that you are paying attention to them. 

Most employees believe that no one takes notice of their hard work and for them to hear someone encouraging words is much appreciated. Hearing words of encouragement helps employees to focus on the positive things about the job they are doing. Soon the attitude around the workplace becomes a positive one and thus the job is enjoyed.

Words of Encouragement

If you don’t know any words of encouragement for employees then you need to just make your words personal and hearty. Say something like, “thank you for doing a good job”. Well this may sound casual but it might be what your team needs to hear. Also make it a point to deliver these words right away. If you deliver words of encouragement right away you are strengthening desirable behavior and making your employees to feel more effective in producing targets.

As an employee it also feels good to start a day knowing that someone wishes the best of you. Well there are times when employees can take lightly of the words they are given but at the end these words create a great positive altitude through their work.General phrases like “thank you” can tell more that you appreciate what your employee is doing.

Improve Work Place

You can improve you work place by trying to include your personnel to look at themselves as being part of the business not just paid workers.It is common in the business sector to find workers and their business employers to be against each other.You can turn to bryantcrayton.com and check out some of the words of encouragement for employees which can give you an idea on what to say to your employees.

Most businesses have incorporated the idea of business identity.This recognition has made most workers pleased with the companies they have been employed to. This result has brought much company growth and more productivity. Other words of encouragement could be rewarding your personnel’s if they have done a great job.

Motivational Words

It is quite common for employees to feel better once they have been praised. It is good to motivate your workers and tell that they are doing a great job.You can tell your employees how they perform and motivate them during weekly business meetings. Small words of encouragement for employees can make a lot of difference.

Other means to motivate your employees would be to add inspirational quotes. You can also employ positive thinking promote valuable cooperation and become a good example from where your employees can admire.They will also look forward to coming to work the next day.


  • The growth of a business lies on the happiness of your employees. Without daily words of encouragement your workers might think their work is not appreciated.
  • Make personnel feel one with the business not as paid workers.
  • Try to inspire someone’s job well done and reward where it is suppose to.
  • Motivate employees to participate in the business and share ideas that can bring growth and happiness.



Additional Information

Words of encouragement have no limits. Words of encouragement are good to be shared even at home, school and to friends and children. Sometimes you can use them to build positive reinforcement and restore self-esteem plus inspire confidence.

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