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Words of Encouragement For Drug Addicts 

Being a drug addict isn't the end of the world. It is not good yes! but it does not mean once you are one then there is no turning back. Because we know what you are going through and because we understand that different people have different experiences, we have therefore written a number of slightly different articles for you to read in this site.


  1. AA Words of Encouragement
    Dealing with the alcoholism can be quite a challenge. There are ways of dealing with this situation that can help you wean of the addiction; less the withdrawal symptoms. Relapse is another common...
  2. Words of Encouragement for a Drug Addict
    Dealing with addiction is one of the biggest challenges we face as individuals. That is all it is however, just a challenge; that can be overcome even by you. If you are looking for words of ecouragement for a drug addict to help you get through this then read through the parapraphs below.
  3. Words of Encouragement for Drug Addicts
    Dealing with addiction is perhaps among one of the greatest challenges people have to overcome as individuals. If you are someone that is trying to let go and finding it hard, the following words of encouragement for drug addicts should make it easier to cope with the situation.