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Words of Encouragement for a Drug Addict


If you are looking for words of encouragement for a drug addict, then you are in the right place. It might be you yourself looking for those words or a family member or even a friend of yours.

They want to quit that drug; it could be coke or heroin to make an example.  You might be the one who may have talked to the about quitting smoking or drinking.

losing that person becomes even harder. And they need you so that they can keep motivated to stay on the right track.

Action speaks louder than words

Deciding to stop taking the drugs is the first and easiest task. Sticking to and maintaining that decision is the hardest part. But that does not mean that you do not need words of encouragement for a drug addictfrom your friends. With a little self-discipline and commitment, you should be able to overcome your ‘demons’.

What you should understand as a drug addict is that when you are quitting, you are not doing it for somebody else but yourself. With that said, you will know that your health is important and you are also doing it so you live longer. And you can go to the sober recovery for more.  

Your circle of friends

What is also of the essence, is the company that we surround ourselves with. When you associate yourself with negative thinking, there is nothing positive that is going to come out of that gathering. That is why it is important to associate yourself with people who are going to help you come out of your problem. And positive thinkers also help to motivate you. You can find this and more at recovery works.

Recovery addicts

These are the people who mostly need our words of encouragement for a drug addict. What you really say to them should no be a lecture on why they should really quit. Remember how fragile these people are, when it comes to cravings. All you need to do is that you can tell them that they are not alone but they can get through this. Tell them that you are not about to judge them but her to help them with all the support they need.

Some of these words of encouragement for a drug addict you can find them at hub pages. You can help you friend to beat this thing by just being there for him. He really needs you and not a lecture. If you give them lectures you are almost saying go back to your drugs.


  • Do not lecture an addict but just give them your support.
  • After deciding to quit, you should be seen to be really trying to not making a half hearted attempt to do so.
  • Always try to associate yourself with positive thinkers as they bring positive result. 
  • Give a drug addict your support so that he knows you are there for him 



Additional Information

When you are drug addict, you lose all hope to live. But that can change when you want to turn your life around. And you can do by turning your life to Jesus. He gives hope where there is none. With him, you can have that surety that someone cares about you. He never gives up. He truly loves you. When everyone has dejected you, you turn your life to him and he will accept you with open arms.

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