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Words of Encouragement for Broken Relationships


“When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into the heavens because that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal”. These are my words of encouragement for a broken relationship to you.

This article has some of the best words of encouragement which you or loved ones can use to stay motivated.Finding someone you love all your life is a hard thing but

losing that person becomes even harder. If this has happened to you, the only thing you need is to surround yourself with positive words of encouragement.

Broken Heart

The way I see it, I see that nothing can take away pain from a broken heart but with words of encouragement things can be a little easier. Well I usually say it is good to let people grieve in their own way, but it must not take long. If you are coming out from a divorce, you need someone to talk to, laugh with and to undertake all the jolly things you used to do.

Words of encouragement for a broken relationship may not necessary mean words. Some people just need a friend to listen nothing more. This is because a broken hearted person may want to talk about their relationship and try to figure what happen.If you are a good friend you can let that person speak his/her mind, and even let him/her cry if need be.

But if you are the one needing a shoulder to cry on, you can try out counseling groups and interact in self esteem groups. You will also find forums, and support groups that offer inspirational words of encouragements. You will also receive free quotes, poems as support.

Inspirational Words

It is easy now to find inspirational words online. You can check out words of encouragement for broken relationship from the internet or buy yourself a good book and feel yourself with positive thinking. Find something that is . to do. Just remember that you cannot stay heartbroken for the rest of your life. It is just a matter of time before you learn to transform your life back.

Getting a divorce does not necessary mean it’s the end of the world, crying and mourning can do you good but life goes on and you are in it. Sure life has its ups and down but take this opportunity as a new way to start over, you will never know what it life brings.

Love Heals All Wounds

Who knows that you can bring your life back to love again? Remember that love heals all wounds if you let it. You need to start loving again, meet people and show them love and appreciation. Showing that you care will leave you feeling happy, strengthen and encouraged.

By showing this to others can heal your broken heart. And this could be a good time to reconcile with God. Take time to pray and ask for God’s love and kindness. You can also find inspirational love quotes from

The Bible can be your other source to get words of encouragement for a broken relationship. Take note that the love God provide can heal all broken hearts. His love can cure anyone with the deepest kind of depression and pain in the world.Take time to pray and mediate and God will provide hope and trust back into your life.


  • Finding a life partner then to lose him/her is heart breaking. 
  • Recovering from a divorce can be hard and lowers self esteem. 
  • It is good to cry and have someone to talk to, and recall on your happy times. 
  • After a divorce you need tosurround yourself with positive thinking for the future. 
  • Get inspirational words of encouragement. 
  • Try to show love to other, because love heals all wounds. 



Additional Information

Going back to the dating game can give you an opportunity to learn that there are nice people out there. Well you don’t have to start right away but it can do you good to date again.Try to erase your old memories and avoid contacting your ex unless you have no choice.  

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