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Words of Encouragement for a Depressed Friend

One thing I dislike about depression is that it works like the Trojan horse. It defeats you from inside before coming out. If you are looking for words of encouragement for a depressed friend then you are in the right place. When it comes to depression the sooner it is taken care of the better. Depression is so bad it is even recognized as a medical condition.

To be able to your help your friend out their state you need to understand the source of their depression. A lot of the time people are disheartened by situations because they cannot think of any solutions. Try and work with your friend and come up with a list of possible ways to tackle whatever is troubling your friend. I am sure they will appreciate this more than just offering them words of encouragement for a depressed friend. You can get some interesting ideas from depressionforums.org.

At the same time you need to reassure your friend that no matter how things may seem there is always room to hope. You can remind your friend that a living dog is indeed of more use than a dead lion. The fact that they are still alive means there are many opportunities and chances to turn things around. It is never over until it is over. Those are simple words of encouragement for a depressed friend that you can tell your pal.

Another thing you need to point out to your friend is that being depressed is normal. It is how we react to it that matters. One should never allow themselves to paralyzed depression. By paralyzed I mean being in a state where they are not willing to do anything about it. The best words of encouragement for a depressed friend are those that will get them of their feet. Make them proactive in dealing with their situation. You can also check out healthyplace.com on the kind of role you can play.