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Words of Encouragement for a Death in the Family

The passing away of someone has never been easy to handle for any family. There is usually so much fear and doubt about the future particularly if it is one of the parents that has passed away. Even the passing away of a child can leave a gaping hole and so many unanswered questions. There are ways that a family can cope during this difficult time. The following words of encouragement for a death in the family should be able to help you cope.

One of the hardest things to do right now is talking about what has happened. For my family I have found that talking about it helps. We sit down and talk about some great times we spent with the person. We reflect on the highs and lows and give ourselves the time to cry and grieve. You guys need to be there for each other and make time for each other. Those are words of encouragement for a death in the family that you should try and make use of. You can also read through the stuff available at beyondtoday.tv.

One thing you should avoid is grieving more than is necessary. One might ask is there such a thing as grieving more than is necessary. Some families spend so much time caught up in their pain they fail to move on. You need to accept that this person has gone and will not be around anymore. This person might have been the family’s pillar of strength, you guys need to be strong now and use whatever you learnt from this person.

In fact those would be my words of encouragement for a death in the family to you. Take all the positive things about this person and use them in your life. This is one of the best ways you can remember them. You can also make use of the material that is at pennyparker2.com.