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Words of Encouragement for the Loss of a Loved One


Have you lost anyone very close to your life? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place to get words of encouragement for the loss of a loved one. Losing someone is not an easy situation to go through.

I can relate to that because I lost a sister.  One thing about death is that you will never find a way to become used to it, , no matter how many times it can occur. Hence giving words of encouragement to a person who has lost someone is not an easy task to carry.If you want to know what kind of words to use say your pal has lost someone you will have to go through the following article.

There is time for everything

There are no exact words that can be used since people react differently from each other. My first words of encouragement for the loss of a loved one are from the bible that is from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 where it is mentioned that there is time to be born and die, a time to tear down and a time to build up, time to mourn and a time to dance. From this verse you will see that all that happens was planned by God. After reading that to a pal he or she will realize that there is time for everything.

Cry out to heal

One of the best words of encouragement for the loss of a loved one will be to tell them to cry. Crying is a door to healing. I remember when my sister died I didn’t want to cry I thought that if I did that will mean I am letting her go in my life. One of my friends told me about a verse in the bible where by Jesus wept when he found that Lazarus died and he was close with God.

So who are you not to cry? Cry so that you will be healed. Other words that you can tell to people during their loss will be that their relatives’ soul will forever be with them, where ever they are. Also they should take their loved ones as their angels.

Talk with your friends

Another way that you can do is to talk with them. Try to tell them killing themselves won’t solve the solution, but then if they want to be with their relatives they should put their faith in God. They should also be strong in the Lord and start serving the Lord faithfully. Those are some of the words of encouragement for the loss of a loved one that you can do some were the things that you could do.


  • One thing about death is that you will never find the correct word to comfort certain person.
  • That makes it clear how difficult it is to encourage someone who have lost a relative.
  • There are no precise words that you can actually use but then there are words like it will be ok that needs to be stopped.
  • One of the verses that you can give to a person when he or she lost someone can be one from Ecclesiastes where the word of God states it clear that there is time for everything.
  • Crying is one way to someone’s healing, talk to your friends and tell them of the benefits that they have.



Additional Information

When you lost someone that you loved so much. You actually do not need to hear people telling you that it will be ok. During that phrase you fell like there is nothing that will ever be ok. When you face the reality you know that there is nothing that will ever be the same without that person that you lost.

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