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Words of Encouragement from God


 When you think of natural disasters, financial difficulties, crimes and violence, one begins to wonder whether God is alive and if he really cares. Well let’s take a look at what Words of Encouragement from God say and the plans he has for us. 

People have come up with different ridiculous assumptions about the things that are happening in the world. Some have begun to believe that God is non-existent or doesn’t

care which is of course purely ridiculous though.

Why God Tolerate Bad Things to Happen

Of course we are wondering why God allows war, famine, hunger, flooding and earthquakes. There is no point in saying God is testing how much we love him. Clearly God loves usand wouldn’t give us tests beyond our endurance. Neither would he punish us as cruelty as the way things seems to be. 

The scripture says Satan is behind all these acts trying to turn Christians away from God. The scripture says because we have not lived according to Gods commandments and the bible clearly states that the consequence of sin is death. If we had all lived according to Gods commandments, there wouldn’t be any need to mourn here on earth. 

What Does God Says About Destiny ofthe World

In the book of revelationGod says the present system of things will come to pass and he will restore joyful and everlasting lives to Christians. He says humans who would have remained faithful to him in this present life will be rewarded. He says in the future world there would be no more death and tears.  

Our relatives who have died will be raised back to life. Wouldn’t it be joy to meet your loved mother who died in while you still needed her most? These are indeed good things about Words of Encouragement from God that help us to cope in difficult times. For more related quotes of encouragements, check out the following references below. 


  • Despite the world economy collapse, violence and natural disaster causing human misery, God is alive and faithful. 
  • Because we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the devil against God’s will, we are somehow reaping the fruits of disobedience. That is why there is disorder and restlessness on earth. 
  • Nevertheless, God still have good plans for us. He loved humans such that he gave his only begotten son to die for our sins. 
  • He promises to end all this chaos happening on earth and restore peace and happiness. There will be no more sadness and tears. 
  • We will reunite with our loved relatives who died while we needed them most. 



Additional Information

Of course it doesn’t mean God doesn’t know anything about what is happening on earth. God in the bible did issue a prophecy that things will turn out this way in the last days. People will disobey his will and choose their own fateful course of life. He says there would misery, violence and crimes. However this would only be an indication that the world is coming to an end

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