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Words of Encouragement for Christians


 Are you a Christian and would love to get words of encouragement. The following paragraphs will give you words of encouragement for Christians. There are no better words of encouragement than those that come from scripture.

It is not just Christians who go through tough times; all of us do face tough or trying times in our lives.

Words of sympathy

Christians also go through situations where only words of sympathy are able to lessen their grief.
 Words of encouragement for Christians in such situations include “Time will heal all wounds”. Even though some feel that these words are hurtful and undermine the feelings of grief, there is truth in them. Telling the person that you are really sorry for their loss will assure them that the person is truly gone. Most mourners find it hard to accept that a loved one is gone.Reminiscing about the good timesyou had with the deceased will help bring a smile to the person and would probably get them talking.

A verse from the scripture that you can use is Matthew 5:4. This verse gives the permission to mourners that they should mourn because will be there to comfort them. 

When you are sick or in pain

When people are sick they need encouraging words to help them cope with their sickness. Being sick limits you to certain things; either you stay indoors throughout the day or are not able to walk long distances. Words of encouragement for Christians who could be in such situation include telling them that the sickness is not a temporal one. Smiling and being optimistic are some of the things that will lead to a speedy recovery.  

There are plenty of encouraging verses from the Bible that can help anyone to deal with different situations in their lives. Averse form the bible in Jeremiah 30:17 says that the Lord will restore us with health and heal our wounds. 


  • There are no better words to get you out of a situation than words of encouragement. 
  • Words of encouragement can make any situation seem easy to get through. 
  • Everyone, even Christians, go through tough times whereby the only way to help them get face the situation they are in, is by giving them encouraging words. 
  • When you are looking for passionate words to help you get through your grief, you find them in the bible. 
  • Sick people also need words of encouragement to help them cope with whatever illness they have. 



Additional Information

As Christian is very important to also understand and appreciate that God is with us at all time. We should not question the things the things that happen in our lives. Some of the things happen because we are under a test on how faithful we are top Him.

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