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Religious Words of Encouragement

Religious words of encouragement are words used to uplift or revive people who have lost hope. While most of them are found in the bible, some of them are found in certain books and sites. Read the article below for a few of these words.

Whenever you feel that your spirit is down, you can read these words and see their effect. The first thing to know is that no one can ever be against us because God is on our side. So, what ever you are going through, know that the Lord in Isaiah 41:10 says you should not fear, for He is with you. He says you should not be dismayed, for He is your God and He will give you strength and help you.

If you are troubled you can go to Psalm37:4(Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart). Never think that the Lord doesn’t know what you are going through. He is just waiting for you to take that first step to Him and he will take the remaining steps to you.

People usually forget that the Lord knew us while we were fetuses in our mothers’ stomachs. And He made plans for each and everyone of us; plans to prosper us not destroy us. So if you haven’t achieved your goals and you feel like you are at the end of your journey, know that it means you just have to turn that corner because your journey isn’t over yet.

If you want more religious words of encouragement, visit about.com. If you are sick and are losing hope then you must remember the woman from the bible that was sick for 12years. She never gave up and she believed that if she touched Jesus’ garment, she would be healed.

I am sure that the religious words of encouragement above will help you. You can go to homewithgod.com  for extra data.