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Jesus Words of Encouragement

Are you a Christian? Do you feel hopelessly tired and even thinking of quitting Christianity for other solutions? Pause a minute or two and consider Jesus’ words of encouragement. This brief article contains all the essential things that Jesus shared with us and I hope they will be of great assistance to you as well.

About Jesus

Before I go deeper with these inspirational words let me highlight just a few things about Jesus. Perhaps you know it very well but I feel obliged to mention it for the sake of newly baptized members. Jesus Christ is the son of God. There is no one who can go through the Father beside him. He is the king of kings. He came to earth to show people how to live a holy life and whosoever believes in him will not perish but shall have an eternal life.

When the going gets tough and steeper

At times when the going gets tough and you feel like you are drowning in a great tide. You are crying out for help but nobody’s turning up to help. So you now begin to feel like God is not paying any attention. Losing both parents is most definitely terrible and there isn’t anyone to help you make both ends meet. So try to take it this way, everything that happens, happens for a reason. And if you consider Jesus’ words of encouragement you will be able to cope.

Even Jesus cried

You have lost both parents; cry I know it’s painful. Even Jesus cried in the cross as he said eloi eloi elamasabbath’ which meant my God why have you forsaken me. Remember Job’s case and how he got through the hardest times but he held on. It was bitter but he held on. It could be better in your case some of your relatives are still around. Another thing you could do to ease your pain is to read the bible in the book of revelations. It promises a new world free from disease and you will meet your parents that day I assure you.

I hope Jesus’s words of encouragement will be of great help to you and you will keep on reading many more articles from sites like heavenisopen.com  and newsletter.com.