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Christian Words of Encouragement Quotes


They need you to be the sympathizer so that they can be able to get back on the righteous way.  

Often than not, a quote lifts our spirits and make us more enthusiastic. Sometimes Christians fall from grace and are looking for Christian words of encouragement quotes tolift them up again.

One man once said, ’never kick a man when he is down’. That meant that those that have fallen from the grace of the Lord, need you to lift them up again.

As Christians, we should not rejoice at the fall of one sheep. Jesus once told of a story where a shepherd went out to get that one stray sheep when he had collected all the other ninety nine. That shows how much we should always make sure that we thrive to give courage to the Christians.

Love in Christianity

What is of the essence in Christianity, is the coming of the only son of God – Jesus. What should be noted is that the offering made by God himself was a token of love. It is said in 1st John 3:16 that, ‘For God loved the world that he gave his only son so that he who believes in himshall not perish but have eternal life’.

This is just one of the Christian words of encouragement quotes that you can give to your fellow. With words, you would have healed the next person’s mind and soul. Even God himself loves us that he wishes no one to perish. So, without any doubt we should love one another.

Revitalize your faith life

In the Holy Book, we are told that no one is perfect. Each day we should beg for forgiveness from our creator. Maybe your life (faith) may seem uninspiring or even see no reason to believe in him no more. You will only have to remember the time that God has helped you.

Once you can find out the last time you needed God and he helped you out, all you need then is to take some time out of all the stressful things in your life. Find that spot where you can relax and ponder about where you really went wrong. After that you can visit your place of worship where they can strengthen you. For more on what you can do on the Christian words of encouragement quotes, you can visit beliefnet.

Some of the Christian words of encouragement quotes you can find at about.com . Using these quotes, you would have not helped one soul, but that one soul is capable of converting millions of souls to God. Besides, we will be judged by God on the works that we have done here on earth. 


  • Once a man has fallen, he needs you to help him to rise up again
  • Christianity is all about love. God loved us by sending his son to die on our behalf. That is true love
  • It is important to always revitalize your faith life.
  • You can do that by looking back to see where you went wrong
  • Even so, nobody is perfect. But you can always try to be as pure as possible by asking God’s forgiveness now and then



Additional Information

People will always be like that. You do something nice for them, they start to backstab you or talk behind your back. What you need to is just to forgive them and not let that to get to you. You should know that success wins you some false friends and also true enemies. But that should not stop you from reaching your goals. And also that you may take years trying to build yourself a good name only to find it takes just one day to destroy it. This also should not deter you!


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