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Greeting Cards Words of Encouragement  



Greeting Cards Words of Encouragement can make all the difference between someone giving up and carrying on. The message that is often written on a card can inspire and uplift someone who is feeling down.

They do not necessarily need to be written by a philosopher or be quotes from the bible.

They can be anything you think can uplift somebody’s soul. 

Thankful Words 

Thank you words can vary depending whom they are directed to.Most commonly people thank God for keeping them alive when everyone else seems to be losing her/his life. It could be a brief statement like, thank you God you have been so faithful to me. Meanwhile others would write Greeting Cards Words of Encouragement to their loved ones. For example one could say to his/her darling that “my life is worth living because of you.” 

Comforting Words 

Sometimes when someone is feeling down, there are words which can be said to stir them up. For some reasons that cannot be explained some people may feel downhearted. I sometimes happen to be in that mood for really no apparent reason. Some experts says it’s natural, for one to feel so.  

Cheering Words 

There are words which when said can uplift someone in a certain condition and state. For example there is a lot of meaning in the statement that says live your life as it were the last day. This statement means that someone must live life to the fullest and enjoy. It makes someone brave and more willing to achieve his dreams.  

Encouragements Words of Motivation

Ninety percent of people who have reached their dreams have polices and above all motivational quotes and words that encouraged them to be wherever they are today. It can be anything as long as it will have a positive impact on the person. For example someone said success doesn’t happen by accident, you have to work for it. This is true and it encourages one to work in order to reach the desired destination. 

I hope these words of encouragement have been of great value to you and now you can apply them to uplift your loved one who seemed to be stressed or just to cheer him up. You can check more Greeting Cards Words of Encouragement quotes from other pages on this site.


  • Greeting words can be diverse and varied, depending on the effect you want them to have on the person in question 
  • These words and motivational quotes can be thankful, expressing gratitude about something done 
  • These greeting quotes can also be rephrased and be meant very useful for someone who is depressed 
  • These greeting quotes can also be sometimes be directed to inspire someone to achieve his desires and dreams 



Additional Information

If it hadn’t been for words encouragements and quotes, many people would have been dead and there would be a lot of unfilled dreams. We really owe our lives to these quotes which have powered and seen us all kinds of difficult times. Words of encouragement can be anything that will have an impact to a certain feeling. 


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