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Words of Encouragement for Cancer Victims


 Most people that are sick always feel that no one cares for them.

    Have you been diagnosed with cancer or know of someone that has cancer. Are you looking for words that will help you get through this situation? The following article will help you in finding the words of encouragement for cancer victims.

Some may feel they are at the end of their life. A lot of sick people believe that nobody understands what they are feeling or going through. 

The next person may not have gone through what you are going through but they genuinely care about your feelings. If it was possible they would even want to experience the pain you are going through, so as to ease your burdens.

Have faith

Faith is what gets everyone through the darkest moments in life. Through Christ we are able to get through tough situations; through Him we are able to cope with cancer. Remember that being a Christian will not make the cancer go away, it means that you have God’s love and protection that is envelops you throughout you sickness.

In all the hardships you may be facing as a cancer patient, do know that your life is not defined by the sickness you have. You should always treat cancer as a sickness that is in your body temporarily and it will not change the person that you really are. There are a lot of
comforting words that you will get by reading His word.

The bible says that by His stripes we were healed, so it goes without saying that the sickness you have will be healed in His Mighty name. According to the bible, He says we should cast all our burdens unto Him. He is a great God, all you have to do is trust in His words and all shall be well. Words of encouragement for cancer victims that will let the person know that you care would be” I’m here for you”. These words will give the person the assurance that you will not leave them even though they may be sick.

Through prayer you can be healed

God has the power to heal each and every sickness and it is through prayer that we can ask Him to heal us of our sickness. By communicating directly with God, you are making your wishes known to Him. Healing may not take place on the same day or instantly, which means you need to continue praying until you are healed.

This does not mean you have to forget him once you are healed. The word of God says” if anyone of us is sick then they should pray in order to get healed”. You can also request the elders of the church to pray for you; as stated in the Bible. Words of encouragement for cancer victims would be that” the prayer of a righteous man is effective and powerful”.


  • People who are sick have the perception that no one cares for them and that nobody understand how they are feeling.
  • Faith gets all of us through the toughest moment in our lives.
  • Being a Christian and believing in God does not mean the sickness will go away. This only means that you have God’s protection and guidance throughout your sickness.
  • Prayer is the best tool to communicate with God and it is through prayer that you will be able to ask God for healing.



Additional Information

Remember that nothing is impossible with God. Little notes, cards and flowers can be used to let the person know that you care for them.  


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