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Words of Encouragement for Break Up


Words of encouragement for break up are very necessary for us, since there is nothing as difficult as having to deal with a breakup over someone you truly loved. In as much as a death loss happens to be a very bad loss,

a break up for some of us could be just as bad as it could also be regarded to as a permanent loss.

Don’t Let Your Break up Get the Better Part of You

It’s simply terrifying to even imagine all the fun and warmth you had when you were still in that relationship, and now you are left filling empty and sad. All this pain can be put aside by encouragement words which are relevant to cases like your own.

Stop thinking about the person because chances are you are the only one hanging on to the past. You might find it irritating when someone tells you to move on with life and forget a breakup or the past. To tell you the truth, such words might be irritating but they are good words of encouragement after breakup issues. You could find people with problems similar to yours from testimonials in sites like Enotalone.com.

What You Can Do To Try and Forget Your Breakup

Whilst you wait for your broken heart to mend up, you can avoid focusing on the process and memories by keeping yourself busy. I’m sure you have sports or certain interests which could take up your time and help you forget that you are from breaking up. Other helpful ways to use are books. Book authors like John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks and Dean Koontz provide a lot of books with interesting stories that when you read, you feel goose bumps. If though you are not into horrific scenarios, you could get novels by Sparks. Seriously reading can take your mind off lot of things.

There are many things you could tend to do in order to keep busy, including visiting long lost friends and family members or probably joining groups or clubs. I hope the following quotes will be of assistance or help to your required words of encouragement for break up.

  • You are the one to control your emotions and also put a stop to craving over something from the past. 
  • When you lose hope, you should remind yourself on why you held on for so long. 

One of these quotes can be found from Inspirationalspark.com. Simply put the past where it belongs, and use places like Fodgeeboi.com to find more encouragement words to use.

Move On With Your Life

You should keep in mind that love will definitely come back to you, probably in a much better way. You would miss the opportunity of finding it though, if you hold on to your past or are still attached to your ex. All it takes to move on is to get words of encouragement for break up, put on your best smile and focus in shaping up your future and developing a better you. You will be surprised as someone is also waiting to find you and put a much bigger smile on your face. Do remember that you are the one who is delaying yourself, the sooner you move on, the better.


  • Its okay to mourn over a breakup, but don’t let it get the better part of you. 
  • To get over someone, you have to try getting rid of the memories and thoughts of the time you spent with that person. 
  • Obstructing your mind by partaking in activities you like could help you a lot in forgetting your breakup. 



Additional Information

Breakups occur due to many reasons, with the basic reason being that, you and your partner might not be happy together. It’s true that it’s quite hard to let go but it’s about time you stopped blaming and kicking yourself for what has happened to your relationship.


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