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Birthday Words of Encouragement


If you are looking for birthday words of encouragement, you have come to the right place.

Each year comes with hopes and dreams and each birthday comes with new beginning, full of promises plus opportunity and the chance to make dreams come true.

This could be your chance to make your friends or family appreciate getting older. I know that is it common for most of us to go about searching for birthday words of encouragement to inspire our loved ones.


Well once you have finished reading this article, you will be able to come up with encouragement words for your teenage friend, a person turning 21 or your mother who is turning 45. You will be able to find funny words of encouragement, ideal and nice birthday encouragement words.

Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Greetings

Since birthdays are special, you need to come up with something personal, creative to say to the person who the greetings are for. You can make someone days the most memorable day ever, by writing few poems, quotes or greetings on a card. Most of the time birthday words of encouragement are used to uplift people who are down about turning older. So from your card you can write something short but touching as“Count your life by smiles, not by tears; Count your age by friends and not by years”. This could send your friend or loved one smiling plus added wisdom.

You can play around different verses and quotes similar to this one or you can go to squidoo.com to check out other birthday greetings which you can send to your friends and family.

Funny Birthday Words of Encouragement

If you want funny birthday words of encouragement look no further than hubpages.com. This site will provide you with funny yet inspiring words of encouragement.These quotes are to provide a smile to friend or relative who does not feel like celebrating. Encourage that dear friend and make his or her life brighter.

Humor and happiness must always come up from birthday words of encouragement. Make it a point that when you say these words laughter or tears of joy becomes the order of the day. Funny words of encouragement are there to uplift people who are depressed by their age. Sharing some of this fun birthday can be a great way to make other feel happy.

Ideal Birthday Words of Encouragement

I have said it before; birthdays are special and need to be honored no matter the age.People turning a year older need to be motivated as to turning a new age means turning a fresh start.Let the one celebrating a year older know that every little achievement attained from the last birthday is to be celebrated.Sending ideal birthday words of encouragement through sms, msgs, and birthday cards can make it a memorable day to celebrate.

Ideal birthday wishes don’t have to come at a high price; you can send birthday gifts and greetings, to all your friends and family members you know and this will strengthen your friendship.


  • There are many thingsyou can to someone who is celebrating a birthday.
  • It is good to encourage people who are feeling down by their age.
  • You can send birthday quotes, wishes and greetings by card, sms or email
  • Make birthday celebrations become special.
  • You can inspire someone who least expect it.


Additional Information

  You do not need only fancy birthday words of encouragement to give to someone. You can read the Bible and come up with inspiring words of encouragement that gives strength and hope.The Bible has wonderful words of encouragement for prayer and everyday living

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