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Words of Encouragement for a Friend From the Bible

Personally I do not believe that there is a better source of inspiration and motivation than the bible. If you are looking for some words of encouragement for a friend from the bible then you are in the right place. Looking at this book it’s vast with promises from its beginning right up to its end. There are so many verses that designed to rekindle hope and strengthen individuals.

One thing that you need to appreciate about the bible is that it is centered on believing; of which faith plays a very important part. If the faith of the person you want to encourage is challenged then maybe you might need to work on strengthening their faith and their absolute belief in God. I will emphasize this point because most people casually acknowledge that God exists but do not believe that his supernatural power still operates today. If you do not believe that, then the words of encouragement for a friend from the bible here will meaningless to you and your friend. You can read more on this at homewithgod.com.

If you do then you can turn with me to the book of Deuteronomy 28 vs. 1-13. All these verses speak of the blessings that the Lord will bestow upon us if we hearken diligently to him. These blessings will shall come upon you and overtake you. I’m sure you had no idea you could be blessed in so many ways. These verses should serve as words of encouragement for a friend from the bible.

There are many more verses like this one that hold out so much hope and promise for the faithful believer. If you take your time to go through them you will find that there is still lots of reasons for your friend to smile. For more words of encouragement for a friend from the bible you can also check out pbc.org.