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Words of Encouragement from God  


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Perhaps your grief has even caused to forget that there is someone powerful who can rescue you from the abyss and restore your hope. Let’s find out in the following verses what he himself says and the plans he has got for us.

God Really Cares For Us No Matter What 

God’s original plans were not for humans to endure hardships and miseries. All over the world, flooding, earthquakes, crimes and wars have claimed million lives and have been causing maximum human misery for centuries. When one comes to think of these things he begins to wonder if God is really alive and really cares about us here on earth. The answer is yes he does. Let’s see what he says about all these things. 

Why God Has Allowed Human to Suffer 

The truth is God hasn’t tolerated these miseries for us. But somehow we’ve caused these things for ourselves. Why? This is because we have not lived according to his laws and regulations hence we have delivered ourselves to hell. But God still has a plan for us to get out of this mess we have caused ourselves. Let’s find out what he says

God assures each one of us as individuals to live according to the rules he has set. That is we must love and care for one another and put our trust in him. Then in turn we will be his children, he will spare us from troubles and blesses us. 

Words of Hope 

Lastly to all our fellow humans, taking refuge in foreign countries, tormented by hunger, jobless youths or whatever the problems you are experiencing, put your trust in God. Our father in heaven has sworn in his word in the bible the world and everything he had said will come to pass put his words will never pass. To all those who are mourning God has said to them that there will come a time when their tears will be wiped. For more Words of Encouragement God just take a tour on sites like words of inspiration blogs 


Ø  God did not create humans for miseries; he has good plans in store for them. 

Ø  Despite the spine chilling circumstances befalling the world can protect you through the famines, joblessness, natural disasters and crime, that is if you seek him in prayer 

Ø  If the world lived as per Gods commandments, there would be peace and harmony on earth 

Ø  Whatever the situation is, the problems on your way which seems without a solution, God has promised that at last he will wipe off our tears of sadness and restore happiness and joy. 

Additional Information

Prayer is the best way to keep in touch with our father in heaven. Amidst of the troubles and dangers that happens daily, we must pray and seek protection. God is faithful to those who honor him. 

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